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    Buildings destroyed during combat activities in the residential part of Ancient Palmyra in Homs Governorate, Syria

    Israeli Ambassador Hopes Russia Will Help Avoid Escalation in Syria

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    Israeli Ambassador Hopes Russia Will Help Avoid Escalation in Syria Amid Tensions With Damascus

    Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren told Sputnik that he didn't rule out escalation in relations with Syria. Last week, Israeli forces conducted airstrikes on the Syrian territory, targeting, according to an official statement of Israeli authorities, the Shiite Hezbollah movement active in the country.

    The ambassador said that Israel should be "prepared for everything" when asked whether he ruled out escalation in relations with Syria. At the same time, he expressed hope that Russia and other external actors will help to prevent the deterioration of the situation in the region.

    "We hope that Russia and Syria's allies will use its influence to bring Damascus to reason," ambassador Koren said, commenting on the recent jet accident.

    Last week, Israeli forces carried out airstrikes on the Syrian territory saying that they targeted a convoy supposedly carrying weapons to the Shiite Hezbollah movement.

    On the same day, the Syrian Army command said in a statement that it had downed one of four Israeli Air Force jets that violated its airspace and purportedly targeted Syrian units near Palmyra.

    Following the incident, Moscow summoned Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren to inquire about airstrikes on Syrian troops near Palmyra.


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    • siberianhusky
      Yep Russia is going to more S-400 and S-500 to the Israeli border to get peace in that region.
      Maybe level that Pariah nation from Nathanyahoo. We only can hope.
    • Alan Reid
      Russia must be laughing it up over this Jewish warplane being successfully shot out of the sky, Koren can yap all he wants but fact is this shoot down of an israeli F-16 is good news in Russia and beyond This dunce Koren claims it an accident when it was an intentional act "ambassador Koren said, commenting on the recent jet accident" .Accident? Yeah Jews just accidentally fly into Syrian missile paths. I think all claims of it being anything other than what the Syrian's claim just became buried.
    • Alan Reidin reply tosiberianhusky(Show commentHide comment)
      siberianhusky, Russia is going to do nothing like that. Syria is going to do all that is required on this threat and all the success will be to the Syrian's credit. Russia does not need to do anything other than monitor the fireworks. Seeing the Syrian government protect its own land is far more important than expecting Russian forces to interfere in work the Syrian anti-aircraft crews are proving they are fully capable of doing.
    • xLemming
      Hey Mr . ambassador... how about this... stay the f*ck out of Syria! There... I just de-escalated things for you... I should be an ambassador!
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