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    Al-Qaeda logo is seen on a street sign in Yemen. (File)

    This State 'Risks Becoming Second Syria' as Daesh Leaders Seeking New 'Haven'

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    Middle East
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    Daesh terrorists are looking for an exit route as the Syrian army continues to make progress in liberating Syrian cities and settlements from the terrorists’ clutches. However, if the leaders of Daesh aren’t eradicated in the counteroffensive they may escape and seek another haven.

    Sadly, there is such a country devastated with the crisis and it might become the next stronghold of Daesh.

    The war in Yemen has resulted in 50 percent of the population living below the poverty line. However, compared to the Syrian conflict coverage, there are few reports floating around in the mainstream media about this catastrophic war.

    Yemeni political analyst Muhammad al Kaf believes that Russia is capable of resolving the Yemeni crisis.

    In an interview with Sputnik Arabic, al Kaf said that Russia has a neutral position in the conflict, which means it can gather warring parties for negotiations or help lift the blockade or put a stop to the bombing of civilians.

    “Yemeni people ask friendly Russia to help resolve the Yemeni conflict inside the country. After that to support the country at an international level and provide it with humanitarian support, in which Russia plays a leading role,” al Kaf told Sputnik Arabic.

    He further said that this needs to be done urgently because there is a greater threat to Yemen.

    “We need to do this right now because it is likely that the leaders of Daesh will be moved to the country and that threatens to turn Yemen into a second Syria,” the analyst said.

    According to al Kaf, Russia is conducting a balanced policy in the Middle East which is impacting events in the region. The current situation in Yemen is marked by a much worse humanitarian crisis than Syria.

    Yemen has been engulfed in a military conflict between the government headed by Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and Shiite Houthi rebels, who have been supported by army units loyal to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

    A Saudi-led coalition of mostly Persian Gulf countries has been engaged in an air campaign against the Houthis in Yemen since the beginning of the conflict in the spring of 2015.

    Human rights groups and anti-war activists have been calling on the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia because of the thousands of civilians being killed in the air campaign.


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