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    An Israeli F-16I fighter jet lands during the Blue Flag multinational air defense exercise that is organized from the Ovda air force base over the Negev Desert

    Escalation Looming? Israel to Crush Syrian Air Defense if Jets Targeted Again

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    Middle East
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    Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has threatened to destroy Syria's air defense systems if they target the Israeli jets once again.

    "The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation. Israel's security is above everything else; there will be no compromise," Lieberman said on Israeli public radio on Sunday.

    His remarks come after Israeli warplanes had attacked several targets in Syria overnight on Thursday.

    On Friday, Israeli Intelligence and Atomic Energy Minister Yisrael Katz confirmed the attacks saying that it targeted a convoy which was supposedly carrying weapons to the Shiite Hezbollah movement.

    "The Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes on a convoy in Syria, carrying a batch of weapons for Hezbollah," Katz said in a statement, distributed by his press service.

    The Syrian Army command said in a statement it had downed one of the Israeli Air Force jets that violated its airspace, while the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) denied these claims to Sputnik.

    The IDF, in turn, said on Friday that it used the advanced Arrow missile defense system to shoot down a Syrian anti-aircraft missile that was fired at an Israeli jet.

    "We have no interest in interfering in the Syrian civil war, we are neither for nor against (President Bashar) Assad, and we have no interest in clashing with the Russians," Defense Minister Lieberman said on Sunday.

    "Our main problem is with the transfer of advanced weapons from Syria to Lebanon. That is why every time we identify an attempt to smuggle game-changing weapons, we will act to thwart it. There will be no compromise on this issue," he added.

    "If the IDF does choose to act, there is a solid reason for it," he stated.

    On Friday, just one day after the Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren presented his credentials to President Putin, he was summoned for clarifications over the strikes.

    Also on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged Israeli air strikes in Syria, making a "rare statement on the matter," according to Israeli media. He defended Israel's right to protect itself from the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah, which Israel classifies as a terrorist organization,

    "Israel does not usually confirm or deny individual raids, but it may have been led to do so this time by the circumstances of the incident," Israeli international news TV channel i24 News reported on the issue.

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      What I meant to say was that training Syrian pilots on Russia's latest analogues was not feasible I have no doubt Syria will get Mig-35's when the war is over for its ongoing security and likely Mig-31 Interceptors that Syria was blocked by Israel back a bit when Syria ordered was it 7 or 11?

      Obviously Israel cannot object now it has the F-35 considering that it would demean the potency of there new planes.
    • TGG3
      If you think deeper, it becomes more and more obvious why the Germans took the stance they did in WWII with their particular "problem".
      “Israel threatens to destroy Syria's air defence systems 'without the slightest hesitation'”

      Arrogance beyond belief.

      Israel effectively claims the right to send fighter jets into Syria anytime it chooses.

      And if Syria dares do what any country in the world would do - use its air defenses - Israel claims the right to destroy them.

      Of course, the entire horror of Syria is a deliberately created event, staged to look like a genuine revolt, created by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Turkey with lots of help from Britain and France.

      Israel hates Assad and wants his legitimate and widely-supported government gone, and it would like a Syria left as a set of ruined rump states, much as Iraq after America's Israel-inspired invasion there.

      Israel is a country out of control. A kind of well-armed Mafia State threatening everyone within a thousand miles and making endless arbitrary demands of everyone.

      We know, for instance, from the words of former Secretary of State Colin Powell that Israel's nuclear arsenal is aimed at Iran, a country without nuclear weapons and a country which has attacked no one in its entire modern history.

      And still Israel thinks Iran should be attacked and says so frequently.

      Is it any wonder Iran would be concerned? That it would support the fight against subsidized terrorists in Syria and in Yemen?

      Almost every horror and difficulty in the Middle East can be traced either directly to Israel's acts or indirectly to its influence upon the United States and some of its allies.

      The entire series of Neocon Wars, killing perhaps two million people, has been aimed at creating a cordon sanitaire around this state which absolutely refuses to live in peace or respect its neighbors' rights.

      It is almost hard to imagine how countries which helped create and nourish the rule of law as an important building block of civilization - Britain and the US - support a country which we see freely stealing from its neighbors regularly and attacking anyone it feels like attacking.

      It is the civilized world upside down.
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      Brutally and forever to punish the masses for the indoctrination of its leaders and those that influence is totally unacceptable just horrific and completely unnecessary.
      There are many perhaps as much as 60-65% of Israeli's who are horrified in there governments crimes and warmongering.
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      A S225 shoots down a F-16 and people still claims mig-29 is worse plane?

      MIGs are made to handle real battle ground with external factors such as Air Defence Systems. Sure even F-16 got a radar for up till 160 km range.. that helped alpt against a S225 with 1/3 of target range of F-16

      Russian weapons are layers or arrays, Syria is lacking some arrays but got enough to withstand Attacks from Israel. And their mig-23 will win dogfight over Syrian airspace
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      Marques rougesin reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, Sorry to disagree, but I don't believe these planes have been shot down. Photo, or it didn't happen. The shot missile was photographed in Jordan.

      There would be pictures all over the web by now, it's like the plane in the pentagon, 9/11.

      It didn't happen.
    • sienkiewiczhenryk
      USrael has no respect for any international law and decency in relation to other nations and people. This is a tribe of barbarians, liars, parasites, and thieves - simply inhuman primitive insects, which God will punish them with eternal hell.
    • Alan Reid
      the scummy israli is a target, like it or not. There is a vast number of missiles just waiting for your wimp pilots to catch. Forces are moving away from protecting that shitty little country, Days are coming for the invaders of Palestine! Because everyone in reality land knows PALESTINE is FREE!
    • avatar
      Just keep your white Zionist Butts out of everybody else's territories, and promise you will be safer. Don't start another conflict with your neighbors, because this time you may be prone to bite a Bitter Pill. The end of the Days Of Wine and Roses for Israel may be just around the corner, and don't bet on your luck to be endless. May PEACE Prevail.
    • avatar
      if nothing else, the state of israel certainly stimulates fascinating debate and comments. :)
    • choticastile
      Hope Russian patience with the evil Israhell runs out soon-- these morons need a lesson they'll not forget for a thousand years. Amazing that the whole world rightfully shat on South Africa's apartheid regime-- but only deafening silence across the world on Israel's apartheid regime, when compared to South Africa-- what Israel has done to Palestine and its people since 1948, is beyond unspeakable. Israel will do well to remember that despite their undeclared and therefore, rogue nuclear power status, is no safeguard. What goes round comes round sooner or later. Only imbecile powers will mess around with Syria at this point-- who are they? -- clear as pikestaff it is Israel and Saudi Arabia.
    • choticastilein reply tosiberianhusky(Show commentHide comment)
      siberianhusky, Great! -- More target practise for Russia!
    • choticastilein reply toJOHN CHUCKMAN(Show commentHide comment)
      JOHN CHUCKMAN, Yes-- "support a country which we see freely stealing from its neighbors regularly and attacking anyone it feels like attacking." -- and with impunity-- the whole bloody world silent-- The bstds ruling our planet must be routed out lock stock and barrel. What Jisrael and the Jsaudis are doing right now concentrating on an out and out precision mode of war by sabotage! Russia in this instance should punish Jisrael good and solid-- show them clearly that messing with Syria will have zero tolerance. No further nonsense from this vicious little scorpion of a country, which since forever too big for its boots-- even long before 1948, the usurper and destroyer of all nations-- controlling resources and assets globally. A good case in point as we speak, is their complete usurpation of the US of A.
    • avatar
      what a nonsense
      every country has the right to protect himself against any threat
    • Alan Reid
      If the Syrian team had not knocked down a israli jet and just shot at it this Lieberman guy wold be attacking them not mouthing off about doing it. The fact that he is using threats is normal operational procedure for the israei when real bodily harm is present. Fear is written all over Lieberman's screed and we all can see that. The next sortie the Zionists pull might just have a few more dead jets . This event is going to be worth watching. I trust that Syria will have cameras on hand to put all this israeli trash talk into perspective.
    • choticastilein reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, Yes -- but why their silence???  This in face of the fact, that there is such strong Jewish resistance in the world-- why don't the people in Israel show their displeasure by supporting this valid resistance?
    • choticastilein reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, Paul Craig Roberts ---

      "Israel Owns the UN as well as the US" -- www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/03/19/israel-owns-un-well-us
    • avatar
      Marques ..Syria reported Israeli F16 crashed over Israeli occupied Golan Heights so how would Syria get photos? and why would Syria claim the kill? if not true when its track record is impeccable you seem a little perturbed Syria retaliated?
    • avatar
      Ibrahim Ahmad
      How funny and disguising at the same time seeing a psychopathic and illegal attacker on other’s independences and natural rights in defeating themselves and lands against occupiers victimizing and pretending itself falsely a victim due to this defeating against its criminal attack on others, it’s like seeing a murder has killed an innocent one and then did sue this innocent in justice institutes!

      To me, I think this bacterial thing called israel isn’t that king Kong one who many people think it, it’s a useless tool used to be affected before in the sake of helping USA in stealing Middle East’s resources, but not anymore. Of course this bacterial thing called israel is really a deadly toxic but I can say it’s like Hydrocyanic Acid which is a deadly toxic but unfortunately it loses its affecting after long time and becomes expired, actually it could be a great helpful when mixes it with Carbone Dual Oxide, it will be a kind of Ammonia Carbone which is a useful thing for easy extraction, and this is the way this bacterial thing called israel will be someday after mixing it with its dirty games in our region, then we’ll find it in some hole for swabbing..

      By the way, many jugglers use Hamas “One of many Palestinian resistance powers against occupier” as a cheap motif to legalize what this bacterial thing called israel does in occupied Palestine and in the Palestinians, Hamas it won’t be existed if this bacterial thing called israel wasn’t existed on Palestine, it’s simply one of many natural native powers against occupation and it’ll be terminated when this illegal existent called israel leaves Palestine, and it’ll be someday, hope will still living inside whole honest people everywhere in dismissing and purging this criminal occupier called israel away of PALESTINE and away of world..
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      Erik Trete
      Israel has a lot to loose by angering Russia. Russia has much less to loose.
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