17:35 GMT +327 March 2017
    An Israeli F-15 E fighter jet takes off during an air show.

    Netanyahu After Airstrikes in Syria: Israel Prevents Arming of Hezbollah

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    Middle East
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    Israel will continue its efforts to prevent attempts to arm Lebanon-based Shia Islamist militant group, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday.

    TEL AVIV (Sputnik) — Netanyahu comment comes in a wake of reports that Israeli aircraft have carried out several strikes inside Syria overnight Thursday.

    "Our policy is very consistent. When we identify attempts to pass modern weaponry to Hezbollah, when we have intelligence data and operational capabilities, we act to prevent this," the prime minister said in a video statement circulated by his office.

    On Friday morning, Syrian Army Command issued a statement that air defense forces had shot down an Israeli jet, and damaged a second, with two more planes in the Israeli squadron managing to fly away. The Army indicated that the Israeli Air Force had violated Syrian airspace, and targeted government troops near Palmyra in the center of the country.

    Earlier, an Israeli military source told Sputnik that its warplanes were targeted by Syrian missiles during an attack on targets on Syrian territory, but said that no Israeli planes had been damaged or lost in the attack. An Israel Defense Forces spokesman later again denied the Syrian claim that an IDF aircraft had been lost.


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    • Guru
      Bibi, stinking scum, is trying to help his ISIS operatives to get out of Palmira.
    • avatar
      Putin gave Netanyahu the green light to attack Syria when both met in Russia last week.
      You ask your self why the attack came just after Netanyahu's visit to Russia.???????
      Not coincident is it?.
    • avatar
      Danin reply toAllsixs(Show commentHide comment)

      Such attacks have been occurring regularly even before Netanyahu's visit; it is not something that has just began after the visit. In fact what is new after the visit is that Syria has started to respond to the attacks, instead of taking it without a response.
    • avatar
      It's disappointing why Russia still allows the Terrorist State to bomb Syria at will.
    • Alan Reid
      Syria just might have a chance to get somewhere now that the tide has turned, now that the israeli is shown to be a normal target, one that even with all it's help can be shot out of the sky. Thanks to Russia this land can now forge a new path over the dictates of that Shi##y Little wannabe country israel. Everyone is aware of the source of the majority of the Mid-East problems and one of their American supplied warplanes is a smoking hole in the ground. Here is to many more to follow that one!
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