06:56 GMT +325 March 2017
    A US Air Force B-52 bomber

    Pentagon Deploys B-52 Bombers, 400 Airmen for Iraq, Syria Air Campaign

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    Middle East
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    The Pentagon has sent to Iraq and Syria more than 400 airmen along with B-52H Stratofortresse jets for day-to-day combat operations in a first event of a kind in over twelve years.

    WASHIGTON (Sputnik) — B-52 bombers at Minot Air Force Base in the US State of North Dakota have been deployed, along with more than 400 airmen, to the air campaign in Syria and Iraq against the Daesh terror group (outlawed in Russia), the Department of Defense stated in a press release on Wednesday.

    "The 23rd Bomb Squadron sent a number of B-52H Stratofortresses to take over day-to-day operations, which will be the first time in 12 years aircraft from the base have deployed in support of combat operations," the release stated.

    The B-52 is a subsonic long-range bomber that can fly at altitudes of up to 50,000 feet and deploy the widest range of weapons in the US aerial arsenal.

    The aircraft has been operated by the US Air Force since the 1950s.

    The US-led coalition of 69 nations has conducted an air campaign against Daesh in Syria and Iraq since the summer of 2014. However, the coalition’s actions in Syria have not been approved by the country’s government of President Bashar Assad or the UN Security Council.

    It was also reported that the United States may deploy an additional 1,000 troops into northern Syria in a matter of weeks to aid the offensive against Daesh in Raqqa.


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      This wont scare nor deter Russia. read Russian history very well and don't listen to west made propaganda books.
      Russia ALWAYS fought a bigger force. Often outnumber 5 to 1 as minimum. And winning.

      IF Russia see a threat Russia need not to worry. Russia could attack from the Caspian,. and Black Sea,

      But somehow, this FEELS like paving the way for safe zones and grab N Syria to get the oil.

      I think Congress made a HUGE mistake. And Trump may retaliate. Sending BATTALIONS of auditors to MSM, and Congress and way more. They've no idea what they messing with.
    • Bodoin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      For that old crap the Syrian S-300 is enough. It only needs the order to do it!
    • avatar
      They'll be going home in bodybags.. Back to where they came from.
    • horseguards
      Will they be based at Incirlik, Turkey?
    • bobbibrestel
      McCain getting them into position to bomb Iran?
    • avatar
      Sooner not later, those B52 will be doing sorties over Damaccus and Assad's palace would be the highest target. Not sure what the Russia is doing in Syria? It rise to the point angering
    • sapper
      They must have replenished their bomb supply and now want to flatten everything in the middle east from 50,000 feet!!!
    • avatar
      Russia, do not be intimidated. You are the main actor, after the Syrians.
    • avatar
      These men must indeed have lots of money to spare, and one day will come when they will have to admit: sorry, no money...all this will happen because of the folly of their elites gone crazy. Good NA people will rise one day to say: stop the madness, withdraw from the bases encircling the world, save money, and what else??
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      yezuxigelin reply tononyank(Show commentHide comment)
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      Erik Trete
      The US wants to completely obliterate Raqqa before the Syrian Arab Army can take it. If the US cannot have it, no one will have it!
    • avatar
      And how do you call that?

      Try to Imagine that B-52 armed comes uninvited to the door of a Texas resident?
    • Mikhas
      As we stated so many times before, US can send as many "Mission accomplished!-USA-USA-USA-HURRAY" gadgets they want, they still can't do sh*t without Russia's consent anyway.

      There's too many nasty Russian surprises to take into consideration, not to mention direct confrontation with epic humiliating face-loss, if they do. Yanks can't stand that.
    • Blackie
      Pretend game fighting US-ISIS but building a big force to take on Assad.
      Trump just like last gay president from Kenya.Same same.
      War mungers...
    • Mensa
      Last time i check Syria is still a sovereign nation and attack on it without government approval is AN INVASION. This is referred to an International laws adopted by UN, including U.S itself. This means that U.S actively breaks the law it agreed upon. Sanctions against U.S should be created.
    • itchyvet .in reply tononyank(Show commentHide comment)
      nonyank, That is the plan all along.
    • itchyvet .in reply toMensa(Show commentHide comment)
      Mensa, The U.S. of A. makes it's own laws that apply ONLY to them, it also makes other laws that DO NOT APPLY TO THEM, only EVERYBODY ELSE.
      Membership of the U.N. is only used to ensure that body carries out the U.S. demands.
      Notice the deadly silence from that body on the ILLEGAL INVASION by the U.S. of Syrian soil, as the SILENCE when the U.S. murdered Syrian troops to give ISIS the leg up ????
    • avatar
      Meaning the Filthy Americans are fixing to do some carpet cleaning, guess who's going to be the victim, America nor no power on earth can or will be able to defeat terrorists as matter of fact, If I lose any of my family members... I promise you Filthy Americans you will bleed and bleed buckets🖕
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toBodo(Show commentHide comment)
      Bodo, too true! :)
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toIgor(Show commentHide comment)
      Igor, :)
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