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    Iraqi security forces and allied Shiite militiamen pray at the site of a mass grave (file)

    Ghastly Finding: Mass Grave Containing Over 40 Bodies Unearthed Near Mosul

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    On Sunday, east of the city of Mosul in northern Iraq a new mass grave was found in which Daesh terrorists had buried the remains of more than 40 civilians and law enforcement officers, local activist Muhannad Mahmud told Sputnik Arabic.

    Currently, the identification of the remains is undergoing and according to the information that is available so far it has become known that one of the executed was a colonel.

    On March 11, the People's Mobilization Forces of Iraq found a large common grave with the remains of about 500 civilians from the Badush prison. They were all executed by the militants.

    It is reported that on charges of involvement in this massacre, 87 militants were arrested by the People's Mobilization Forces.

    Terrorists seized the prison of Badush in June 2014 and shot 670 prisoners. After that the victims were burned.

    Earlier in the month, Sputnik Arabic had obtained exclusive photos of a mass grave south of Mosul near the village of Rujuu.

    The local activists found the remains of the local residents executed by Daesh in a naturally formed pit where the victims had been dumped after being killed.

    Following the areas that have been liberated by the Iraqi security forces, local activists from another nearby village, al-Hud, were able to descend to the bottom of the pit using a rope tied to a car. Activists retrieved the remains of 15 people.

    The gruesome Daesh legacy did not end there as the Iraqi security forces made a separate discovery at the Khasfa sinkhole outside western Mosul. The large natural depression is believed to be Iraq's largest mass grave, containing about 4,000 bodies of Iraqi security personnel, who were captured and killed by Daesh over the span of six months after the terrorist group captured the city in 2014.

    As the Iraqi coalition continues to clear the suburbs of Mosul in an ongoing offensive, new evidence of gruesome crimes conducted by the terrorist group in the area have been discovered, including numerous mass graves containing hundreds of decapitated corpses, many of which presumably belong to former members of the local law enforcement.

    On October 17, 2016, the Iraqi Army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces launched a major offensive on Mosul to liberate the city and its surroundings from Daesh.

    Backed by air cover from the US-led coalition, Iraqi forces have recently taken control of major towns in the countryside surrounding Mosul, as well as recaptured several neighborhoods within the city.   


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