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    An Iraqi special forces soldier carries a woman injured during a battle between Iraqi forces and Islamic State fighters in Mosul, Iraq February 28, 2017

    Civilians’ Torment Continues: Mosul Residents Starving, Forced to Eat Garbage

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    Residents of the western part of Mosul have launched a campaign using hashtag #MosulCatastrophe in order to attract the attention of the Iraqi government and global community to the horrific humanitarian situation in the city.

    The activists uploaded a letter with an appeal to the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, and to the rest of the world, on their social media page called “Mosul Eye”. [https://www.facebook.com/MosulEyee/].

    This letter is an appeal to save the remaining residents of the western part of Mosul by providing medical aid, food and water to the suffering people.

    The individuals behind this campaign are requesting the world to act fast and take urgent measures to free the city from the clutches of Daesh terrorists. The campaigners also appealed for the establishment of a provisional military government and to recognize the disastrous situation in the city.

    “The situation in the city has reached a point where people are forced to eat garbage and waste because there is simply no normal food left. On Friday, three pregnant women died, 18 children died due to lack of water and nutrition. Dozens of civilians perished from shelling and clashes,” a paragraph from the letter reads.

    It further says that the refugees are forced to flee barefoot due to the severe clashes. They walk long distances under the rain, hoping to find at least some sort of food.

    The social media page has many photos of the everyday life of the townspeople. One photo depicts a group of women and young children walking under the rain carrying bundles of blankets and clothes.

    Hundreds of Iraqis have shared this photo on their social media pages, expressing their solidarity and support for the people of Mosul, who for more than two years have been suffering at the hands of Daesh.


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