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    US Senator John McCain attends a news conference at the Benjamin Franklin Library in Mexico City, Mexico December 20, 2016.

    US Senator McCain Visits Syria to Assess ‘Dynamic Conditions’ on Ground

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    Middle East
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    McCain travelled to Syria this week to visit US forces present there and discuss the campaign against Daesh.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — US Senator John McCain travelled to Syria this week to visit US forces present there and discuss the campaign against Daesh terror group, McCain’s spokesperson said in a release.

    "Senator McCain’s visit was a valuable opportunity to assess dynamic conditions on the ground in Syria and Iraq," the release stated on Wednesday.

    The spokesperson also said President Donald Trump was right to order a 30-day review of US strategy against Daesh.

    "Senator McCain looks forward to working with the administration and military leaders to optimize our approach for accomplishing ISIL’s lasting defeat," the release said.

    On Tuesday, US Defense Department spokesperson Jeff Davis said in a briefing that the 30-day policy review will address the threat posed by Daesh globally.


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      this 'human' relic should go down with the temple of Baal...
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!
      This septic nazicon will just keep on pumping the war blimp up. Straight up his assessment will be more war to keep that economy going. Like brothers, surprised Soros is not with him!!!
    • avatar
      McCain will only see what he wants to see. The truth could be staring him in the face and he will convolute it anyway he can to justify his war agenda. The best thing that could happen while he is in Syria would be he gets a taste of what the US arms in the wrong hands can deliver.
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      cage123auin reply toCapt'nSkippy !!!(Show commentHide comment)
      Capt'nSkippy !!!, I suspect Soros is funding his private bank accounts elsewhere.
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!in reply tocage123au(Show commentHide comment)
      cage123au, LOL!!!
    • shaun.byatt
      This sounds like the US military is involved in People Smuggling, I doubt the Syrian Government would've ok'd a visa for this fool, therefore he was in Syria illegally.
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      Darrell R
      The Russians are working with Syria to return order to the nation so conditions will no longer make it a breeding ground for terrorism. John McCain is very outspokenly against anything resembling a positive relationship with Russia. He insists that they are enemies and lets the world know that he wants it no other way.

      McCain is hardly going to tour that nation, he is only going to view what he has safe access to. The last thing he is going to want is any kind of cooperation with Russia. If he pushes for anything that opposes the Russian agenda with Damascus, it will be all too clear that he wants a long and deadly war that would put the US and Russia in a very dangerous position.

      Given the history of what comes out of his mouth, he will be looking for ways to sell the nation on an opposing agenda to Russia's. If the US can't agree with the nations working to support this nation, they need to stay out of Syria and let them handle things there. That would help things more than anything they have done so far. It's that simple, leave Syria alone.
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      ...I'll bet he wasn't invited by the government of Syria!
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