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    In this photo released by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard celebrate after launching a missile during their maneuver in an undisclosed location in Iran, Tuesday, July 3, 2012. Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards test fired several ballistic missiles on Tuesday, including a long-range variety capable of hitting U.S. bases in the region as well as Israel, Iranian media reported.THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HAS NO WAY OF INDEPENDENTLY VERIFYING THE CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS IMAGE.

    Iran to Stage Military Drills in Defiance of US Sanctions

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    Middle East
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    Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is to conduct military drills with use of missiles next week, according to an announcement from Iranian senior command. The announcement comes after a new set of sanctions was imposed on the country by US President Donald Trump.

    Iran will stage military maneuvers called "Grand Prophet 11" next week, Iranian General Mohammad Pakpour said.

    "The maneuvers […] will start Monday and last three days," he said during a press conference.

    Pakpour noted that missiles will be used during the drills but did not specify what type of missiles.

    This will be the second Iranian military exercise in February. Earlier this month, Iran conducted military exercises aimed to "showcase the power of Iran's revolution and to dismiss the sanctions," according to the Revolutionary Guard's website.

    "If we see [the] smallest misstep from the enemies, our roaring missiles will fall on their heads," General Amir Ali Haijazadeh said that during that exercise.

    The news come in the wake of the Trump administration's imposition of a new set of sanctions on Iran as a response to a ballistic missile test conducted earlier in January, and following vague and threatening statements that Iran had been put "on notice."

    "Iran would do well to look at the calendar and realize there's a new president in the Oval Office. And Iran would do well not to test the resolve of this new president," Vice President Mike Pence said earlier this month, referring to what the Trump administration characterizes as a too-soft position stance on Iran taken by former president Barack Obama.

    According to various media reports, Trump's sanctions targeted Iranian, Lebanese, Emirati and Chinese individuals and firms involved in procuring ballistic missile technology for Iran; or several individuals allegedly involved in laundering money for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

    Iran claims that its ballistic missiles are designed for defensive purposes only and are not designed to carry a nuclear warhead. Tehran insists that its January missile test violates neither the nuclear deal, officially known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), reached in 2015 nor the UN resolution calling on Iran to refrain from testing weapons systems designed to be nuclear-capable

    The media assumes that the January missile test was in fact Iran's test of how far Trump's administration was ready to go, and how fast. The Washington Post cites an anonymous source in the administration saying the sanctions were an "initial" step in a plan of measures intended to influence Iranian policies. When asked whether the US would consider using military action in response to escalating tensions with Tehran in early February, Trump told reporters that "nothing is off the table."


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    • Alan Reid
      American acts of war don't go unnoticed. Sanctions are acts of war... American acts.. what is the world to see other than America doing wrong time after time? How many times must this knock you over the head before you get the message of Americas war making ways? Mighty arrogant talk coming from a loser at war.
    • avatar
      THIS will make Russian job at U.N more difficult. And RUSSIA SHOULD VETO all against IRAN at U.,N.
      Israel was patching IS at Golan. Perhaps TRUMP shouldn't test Russia. Forget PUTIN.
      KERRY did and when Russia FINALLY said, we are the one's tired, things happened.

      IRAN should keep it's commitments at U.N.
      About TRUMP sanctions, well, what else he could do? He no politician. And is even SURPRISED that he is a president.
    • avatar
      Iran doesn't coordinate its decisions with new or the old presidents in oval office. Maybe Saudis and Jordanians do that when they send weapons to Alqaeda and Daesh but Iran does not. Mike Pence would do well if he tries understanding that, better than Biden and Cheney at least!!
    • avatar
      Pence is a moron, he shud be fired
    • siberianhusky
      Time to speed up the centrifuges and install more of them.
    • arpito
      Iran could become a world class power if it changed to secular government. But Mike Pence, Trump and these other jokers in the pockets of Israelis and the chosen cabal who are threatening Iran can go to hell. Iran is strong enough now that if attacked the World will descend into chaos and an immense crisis for decades. Even the mentally deranged Jew*s do not want that to happen. Threaten them more and the surely will acquire nuclear weapons. Why should not they when Israeli subs armed with nukes are patrolling their waters.
    • avatar
      New sanctions will not work on Iran that is for sure !!! Iran is pre pairing for the unwanted !!!
      The big mouth of the Usa terror state has now a answer !!!
      Bravo Iran !!!
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