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    women refugees in Europe

    Women, Children Refugees in Europe 'Starting to Go Missing'

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    At least 1,500 human trafficking cases have been registered in Syria in the past year, according to the country’s Interior Ministry. Refugees who arrive in Europe are far from safe and they too fall victims to trafficking. Sputnik spoke about this with reporter Poppy Damon from The International Women’s Initiative in an interview.

    According to Damon when there are millions of people displaced, it is very likely that crime networks that already exist are going to use this situation in order to manipulate people who are vulnerable.

    “What we are seeing is that a lot of women and children who are in camps are being kidnapped or tricked into trafficking and the exported across international borders into Turkey, Lebanon and other places and what that means is that there are a lot of people who are untracked,” she said.

    She further said that people who arrive to countries like England, France and Sweden are then lost because there are trafficking gangs operating in those countries.

    Talking about Syria she said that because of the scale of the conflict they are particularly vulnerable to problems as there are about 12 million people who are in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria and there are global networks involved in human trafficking who are exploiting this situation currently.

    “There is a complete network of groups that are operating, so there are criminal gangs that are working but they are also funding groups like ISIS [Daesh in Arabic] and they are using it as a way of generating income. Even more worrying is that we see complicity among government officials in the corruption which would be necessary for them to operate,” Damon said.

    She further spoke about how NGOs are trying to tackle these issues on the ground, making sure that there are enough funds and resources to protect these individuals.

    “The most shocking thing, however, is that when refugees seek refuge in a Western country, like when 96,000 children arrive in Europe unaccompanied and they start going missing, it is completely outrageous because that is something we should deal with. I really think that it is a matter of resources and making sure that those groups are managing refugees when those arrive,” Damon said.

    The reporter further spoke about how Europeans should look at the way they consume and do so ethically. Citizens should also push their governments to make human trafficking a high priority.

    “For such a long time, it is something that governments have been in denial about and it doesn’t seem to be really high up in the political agenda unfortunately,” Damon said.

    She said that the number one way to avoid and tackle human trafficking is to maintain peace.

    More than a thousand human trafficking cases have been registered in Syria with most such operations conducted by agents of foreign criminal networks or the Syrians they hired for the purpose, the country's Interior Ministry reported.

    Human trafficking is one of the 15 sources of funding for Daesh terrorists in Syria and Iraq.


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      The EU satanic cabal is always hungry for sacrifical blood.
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      This reminds me of the Zero Hedge article and who benefits from human trafficking and black market trade?

      Something Strange Is Happening In The Mediterannean... www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-04/something-strange-taking-place-mediterranean
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      Now that represent serious problem for EU especially for Germany as we all know who is behind this hideous business. We experienced this business after NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia and when KFOR moved to Kosovo to protect these criminals and murderers of Kosovo terrorist organisation known KLA.

      As our troops were there to safeguard these dirty and repulsive people they spread their wings as our politicians supported them and now once they started to flood EU they could not stem out this flood. That encouraged these criminals to basically occupy Germany and whole EU including UK where I worked at that time.

      In Germany started rumors that in Kosovo is running white slavery business with young and naive Ukrainian and Russian girls which were lured by con-men to different schemes but mainly linked to false tourist agencies, EU jobs procuring agencies , marriage agencies and so on behind which was Russian and Ukrainian organised crime.

      Girls would be tricked and illegally brought to Kosovo where they would be sold as sex slaves to different local criminals for prostitution. Our magazine Stern sent a team of journalists to Kosovo - Prishtina and there they contacted local criminals who did not know that these are journalists but they believed that they are German officers in KFOR units.

      Soon after coming to brothel they come across two young Ukrainian girls who begged them to liberate them as they taught that they are military. Journalists explained them and told them that they will seek to buy them and to bring them to Germany where they will go to police and make mess as in Kososvo it was KFOR of predominantly German soldiers.

      Long story short, after several attempts by new people from Germany they succeeded to buy three girls from Ukraine and secretly brought them to Germany. Once there their statements and their stories were written and police was informed and public informed. There were names of Albanian criminals and their relatives in Germany as well as names of German officers who cold bloodedly rapped these poor girls and laughed at their begging to liberate them. That was the time when it was discovered that Kosovo-Albanian criminals were actually not just selling poor girls for prostitution but their organs as well if they were no good for sex. Across the border in Albania in hospital they killed girls and used their organs for sale to USA.

      Once that affair broke out responsible journalists had to be protected by police as not just Albanians were looking for them but some German officers as well as whoever was having sex with them was accused of rape and assistance in kidnaping, hiding victims and so on and they were sentenced accordingly. We do not know what was sentence as it was court session behind closed doors for several reasons.

      Now when I read these stories again it all comes back and I worry that there will be repetition all over again only that this time around I believe it will be more organ extraction and sale rather than prostitution. Price of one kidney can go about US $100.000.- or more and if they have suitable donor for more organs than money is just incredible.

      However once again EU will do anything to hush up all about that because two reasons.
      First refugees are being invited by Merkel and German government should protect them
      and second is that it would once again expose NATO dirty double standards as their protegees Kosovo Albanian terrorists are in question and it is impossible to admit that they were wrong in helping to these dirty and repulsive people. Kosovo should be reunited with Serbia again and these human faeces kicked over the border back to Albania where they come from.
    • Angus Gallagherin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, anyone can go online and check our national crime statistics and what they show is a massive 140% increase in slave trafficking from Albania. Official statistics are of course decontextualized from the politics unfortunately - but do confirm your point nonetheless.
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      Since the date that western countries with their hyenas in the ME region (Saudis and Ghataries, a bit Turks), unveils their true face, took off their human-right masks, and gave a birth to ISIL / ISIS in Syria and Iraq, almost every week, I am receiving a new killer-surprise!
      If Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah were not there, I believe, all Syrian population could go missing! The enemies here are way more evil than vampires.
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