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    CIA Director nominee John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. File photo

    Obama Administration Overestimated Political Consequences of Arab Spring

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    Middle East
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    The outgoing administration of US President Barack Obama overestimated the outcome of the Arab Spring, in expecting democracy to take root in the region, CIA Director John Brennan said.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — He added that although the people in the region wanted individual freedom, "the concept of democracy is something that really is not engrained in a lot of the people and the cultures and the countries out there."

    "I think there were very, very unrealistic expectations in Washington, including in some parts of the administration, that the Arab Spring was going to push out these authoritarian regimes and democracy is going to flourish because that's what people want," he said on CNN's Axe Files podcast on Monday.

    Brennan also noted that, although the decision to withdraw US troops from Iraq in 2011 was unlikely to have been the cause for the sectarian violence in the country, it was likely "a contributing factor" to the formation and strengthening of Daesh, outlawed in Russia, the United States and other countries.

    A wave of Arab Spring uprisings spread from Tunisia to Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, and elsewhere across the Middle East in 2011. The fall of a number of authoritarian regimes has led to increased instability in the region.


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      Here comes the 'soft' cover up overestimated rubbish! the US/UK/Israeli intelligence people had been infiltrated in the middle east for ever and knew intimately how the M-E worked.
      If this is not so why did the CIA recruit train and supply and lead Al-Nusra/Daesh/ISIS/IS/ISIL Brennan there is no soft cover up big enough for this horrific spiteful last ditch attempt to crush Russia and take over all oil and gas resources to guarantee the ongoing maintenance of the existing foreign policy and the survival of the Hegemonic Empire.
    • avatar
      Your overestimating about the Arab spring has cost Millions of live !!!
      Brennan, Clapper and Obonga have to stay Trial for WAR CRIME !!!
      Liars and dumb
    • avatar
      STOP lying Brennan! US (regardless of administration: rep or dem ) NEVER intended to implement any kind of democratic process in Middle East. The goal was, is and will be to destroy through gov change & war, provoke chaos, sell weapons and steal resources.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      It was the west that created the Arab Spring and now they say they underestimated the end result ? .......... The Arab nations had stability before the west came in and screwed everything up and which resulted in millions of lives lost. So all of this crap was created in the name of democracy ? .......... Libya and their people were doing very well before the US got involved and killed Gaddafi. Just because Gaddafi did not want to trade with the US dollar anymore does not mean he needs to be killed or just because he was unifying African nations to be united as one doesn't mean assignation. ! Gaddafi spread his countries wealth across the board to its own people, which resulted in Libyans having a better way of life than most citizens in other countries...... Maybe ultimately that's why he was removed ! The war mongers of the world had to remove Gaddafi 's form of govt quickly before people in other nations see how a country can distribute its wealth to its people. !
    • avatar
      Marques rouges
      Agree with most posters here, these are more official lies from Brennan. The main intention of the west has never been democracy in the middle-east !

      The neoconservative cabal who leads America and the west wanted to topple all regimes who were not submissive enough : Libya, Syria, and the real endgame goal, Iran !

      Well, let's say DC and Tel-Aviv will have to wait a bit more ?
    • Adrienne Adonis
      Notice when the west comes in to disrupt a country's leader they always put in place one of their own political puppets ? That's because now they have someone that will listen to what they have to say. It's all about control of a country and its people. Once they take control then notice how the oil fields are then taken over and companies like Exxon and Mobile soon come in. ! Look at how democracy has shown its true face in Iraq and Afghanistan ? Millions have died and these countries are completely unstable ! And how long has this been going on ? Let alone the fact that children in these countries are being born deformed from the after effects of depleted uranium used in the weapons ! Again , this is all about democracy ? Or is it in control of oil and the middle eastern countries ?
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