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    CIA Director John O. Brennan

    CIA Chief Claims Russia Using ‘Scorched-Earth' Policy in Syria

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    Middle East
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    US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan stated that Russia is using a "scorched-earth policy" in Syria.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russia is playing by its own rules in Syria, including using tactics that will turn it into wasteland, US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan said.

    "What the Russians have done in Syria in terms of some of the scorched-earth policy that they have pursued that have led to devastation and thousands upon thousands of innocent deaths," Brennan told the PBS broadcaster on Tuesday.

    The CIA chief claimed that was not something the United States would ever do in a military conflict, and accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being unwilling to "ascribe to the same types of rules that we do, for example, in law of armed conflict."

    Russia became militarily involved in Syria in September 2015 when the US-led coalition had already been bombing Islamists in Syria and neighboring Iraq for over a year. The Russian military has initiated several lulls in fighting on the ground. The recent one came into being last Thursday and is expected to be followed by peace talks between the Syrian government and moderate opposition.


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      The US never ever did this???Yeah right.
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      The sheep will believe every word he said! that's 25% of the population the other 75% will think he is full of shite.
      To me that statement and particularly its timing is to arm the sheep with a retort when it comes to being levied for rebuild contribution after 5 years of devasting NATO bombing of Syria but like everything else lets blame Russia.
      Which is easy to get away with if you follow CNN and the Washington sheep weekly.
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      kookain reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      in Germany the proportion between sheep and critical minds is just vice versa: perhaps about (less than) 20% sceptical people and at least 75% sheep totally brainwashed by daily msm and states tv propaganda. This "statistics" is the result of my observations in my nearer and broader environment.
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      kooka I was putting a positive spin on a BS statement my logic if sheep think there human they may start thinking like one?
    • landauroj
      This man is there to parrot what the USA administration told him to propagandize. He knows that the USA media will be very happy to hear this. However, to re-write the history of the atrocities that the USA army has done to other weaker countries is out of any comprehension. This country kill hundredth of thousands of Vietnamese people, whose consequences are still vivid in Viet Nam with deformities of children by the use of “Orange gas”, The use of depleted uranium bombs in Fallujah (Iraq) are still vivid nowadays in this region with children born with deformities published in a biased report by the WHO. The killing of innocent people committed by Israel with the Palestine people using phosphorous bombs where complete cities were flatted. Where were the CIA and this man with no shame in his face to denounce? He declare this because he knows that the American people do not know or hardly know about the atrocities that the CIA committed in the name of defending the American people. This man makes me feel very angry indeed. Many American still believe that the USA must invade other countries to implement justice, believing that that is the duties of any USA government. This is how the American people mind has been washed. In summary, they believe in heroes like “Rambo” and any propaganda coming from the USA mass media is true. If the new event is not in the USA media then that news are Fake news.
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      "What the Russians have done in Syria in terms of some of the scorched-earth policy that they have pursued that have led to devastation and thousands upon thousands of innocent deaths,?" Change the name "Russia" to the "USA" and then I will believe this statement to be accurate. I can't seem to recall one single time Russia has done a fraction of the death and destruction of entire countries and peoples that the US "peace" efforts have facilitated. Besides; mainstream news in the west has been proven to be "fake news" time and time again and I do not appreciate this from MSM in the west.
    • support
      A man of honour, instead of speaking as a jealous little child, would have heaped praise on the Russian efforts to pacify the troubled region.

      American intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan are examples of scorched earth doctrine at its most horrifically totalitarian and cavalier, sound, fury and murder which achieved nothing in terms of improving the quality of life or the economic prospects for the future in either country,

      This Obongoloid killer robot speaks for the current regime shortly to be given the boot. He has no choice but to read from the script laid before him.
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      He will be out of work shortly. Anybody remember, him quietly turning up in Ukraine, just before the Odessa Trade Union Building Massacre? Carnage Brennan, not happy that his investments in the Qatar to Europe Pipeline are being hit by Syria and Russia?
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      What did Albright say about the 500,000 babies and children in Iraq? She thought that it was a figure well worth paying. Brennan, enjoy your retirement, because nobody likes the sound of your whining.
    • Lubos Vokoun
      He just can't get over how the CIA supported jihadists are losing in Syria, he should learn together with Hillary to lose with dignity.
    • Jammy
      I don't think we need any lessons from the CIA since they knew who did 9/11 do we now on how to fight a war that they started all of the back of a false flag for the bankers in 2001

      Russia could drain the swamp in Syria in days if men on the ground were sent in to clear the citys so whats stoping them ?
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      I am an American but if what Russia do in Syria is considered earth-scorching tactic, then what we America did in Vietnam would mean Earth-Destroying tactic. Each sorty, Russia dropped like 12, we dropped like 120. Russia do it nearly 2 years, we did it for 12 years. Russia made about tenth of thousands of craters in Syria, we made millionths of craters in Vietnam, Russia may have used hot pepper gas in Syria, we used mastard gas (agent orange) in Vietnam. Where was my See-I-A chief in those years? He might still too young and waitng for Santa after Christmas at this time of year then.
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      CIA Director John Brennan simply does not know his country's history during his own live time. To adept an idea of Noam Chomsky. If we applied the the rules of the Tokyo trials to the US most post WW II US Presidents and military officials would hang for war crimes.
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      The only thing scorched is Brennen's scalp.
      First he lies about hacking, now this.
      USA is scorching Mosul and Raqqa.
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      This man has no shame. Let him wait just a little while, all US crimes will be shouted on rooftops, and all their dreadful actions spread out for all the world to see - and the WaPo and NYT and all their rags will not suffice to cover it up with their childish lies.
      The tide has turned. Mr Brennan. Brace up for exposure.
    • arpito
      Brennan and his infamous agency has been totally discredited already. Just look at the face of this animal.
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      ILL WINDin reply tocopius(Show commentHide comment)
      Brennan should affirm his claim by way of DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS since they were in a hospital that was attacked with aircraft and bombs. Perhaps it was Russian Hackers that directed his arms on an innocent target. On another subject, it is the people that killed Kennedy who ordered to bombing, whoever they are.
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