11:19 GMT12 June 2021
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    Commenting on the trilateral meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran on the Syrian crisis last week in Moscow and the resulting joint statement on reviving the political process to end the conflict, Iranian political expert Alireza Rezakhah told Sputnik that while the US influence is drastically waning, Russian-Iranian alliance is gaining momentum.

    The US president-elect and his team seem to recognize that the US foreign policy in the Middle East has turned out to be a complete failure.

    "I think he recognizes the total failure of the Obama/Kerry/Clinton foreign strategy in this region," Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives told "Fox News Sunday."

    Commenting upon the trilateral meeting between Iran, Russia and Turkey to discuss finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict, without US involvement, Newt ventured, "That should really trouble us. We’ve reached a dead end of weakness and we have got to rethink what we're doing."

    The top diplomats of the three countries then issued a joint statement to revive the political process to end the ongoing conflict in the war-torn country.

    Commenting on the above meeting and the US reaction, Iranian political expert Alireza Rezakhah told Sputnik Persian that it is an evident demonstration that the US is losing its image of a strong power while the Russian-Iranian alliance is gaining momentum on the international arena.

    "There are many countries involved in the Syrian crisis. Almost all of them tried to implement their own scenarios in Syria. In particular, the western countries attempted to settle the crisis, however they have failed," he said in a phone interview with Sputnik.

    Hence, he continued, they are now re-considering their position and strategies in Syria, and the US is no exception, he said.

    The US used to have great influence on the international arena both politically and militarily. However it has recently become clear that its policies in the Middle East are futile and ineffective, especially with regards to the fight against terrorism, the political analyst said.

    "It is no secret to anyone that the West had applied double standards in Syria, especially in the fight against terrorism. It had only made an impression of eliminating terrorists while Iran and Russia, two strategic allies who supported the Syrian government, have pursued a clear strategy: the Syrian future should be defined only by the Syrian people," he told Sputnik.

    While commenting on the trilateral meeting in Moscow, Alireza Rezakhah said that it was really a very important and logically appropriate step to regulate the Syrian crisis without those players who are only pursuing their own national interests, namely the US.

    "I think that we are witnessing not only the decrease of the US' influence in the Middle East, but its complete failure. We are witnessing how the US' might is waning globally," he said.

    The expert further elaborated that during the presidency of Barack Obama, American foreign policy has become less expansionist and aggressive. From a blistering policy of military intervention it is winding back to a policy of isolation.

    This could be clearly seen in Syria, he said, where the US' policy has failed completely while the Russian-Iranian alliance keeps growing and their joint actions bring more and more rewards.

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