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    The liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian Army demonstrates that the plot to destabilize the region has failed, said Abdel Gadi Nasri, the main coordinator of the Syrian secretariat for national ideas.

    "Just like the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad was the beginning of the victorious march by the Soviet Army [against the Nazi Germany], the world will change after the liberation of Aleppo. Islamist terrorists have been prevented from taking control over the region," Abdel Nasri told Sputnik Arabic in Aleppo.

    The official also expressed hope that the "new world" will be multipolar and world powers will cooperate.

    Abdel Nasri said that the terrorists the Syrian Army faced in Aleppo obtained modern technologies, including those used to wage an information war.

    "It looks like we entered the fight with only a drum and a pair of drumsticks. If Western journalists and their colleagues from the Gulf came here they would wonder how local residents managed to survive," Abdel Nasri said.

    The Syrian Army officially declared victory in the four-year battle for Aleppo on Sunday.  In the last few months, Aleppo has become an important battleground in Syria, engulfed by a conflict between government forces and a number of opposition and extremist groups.

    Syrian pro-government forces patrol Aleppo's Sheikh Saeed district, on December 12, 2016, after troops retook the area from rebel fighters
    Syrian pro-government forces patrol Aleppo's Sheikh Saeed district, on December 12, 2016, after troops retook the area from rebel fighters

    Over the past three weeks, the Syrian Army and militias have freed more than 98 percent of the territory of eastern Aleppo.

    Abdel Nasri stressed that mainstream media has been distributing false information about the situation in the liberated Aleppo and the actions of the Syrian Army.

    "When the army entered the city people were celebrating. The city looked like a big wedding. Rumors about a humanitarian crisis are a blatant lie distributed by some American and Qatari media outlets," Abdel Nasri.

    According to the official, the Syrian government currently cannot declassify information about "Turkish, Saudi or other foreign officers" who were engaged in clashes in eastern Aleppo.

    "When the talks on the extradition of Turkish militants began, [Turkish President] Recep Tayyip Erdogan wanted them to be sent home. But then, all of a sudden, hideouts with Turkish militants’ belongings burnt down. The army considers this an act of sabotage and looking for those responsible," Abdel Nasri said.

    As for the withdrawal of terrorists from Aleppo, Abdel Nasri said that they demanded one or two Russian aircraft so they can fly away with their arms to their destination, but the Syrian government rejected their claims.


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