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    Aleppo Militants Seek to Take Prisoners With Them in Evacuation, Breaching Deal

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    Middle East
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    Militants in East Aleppo are seeking to take prisoners with them during the evacuation, which is a breaching of the deal, Syrian al-Ikhbariya state TV channel reports.

    "There are reports that militants have violated the agreement and tried to take people hostage," a correspondent of TV channel reported.

    Syrian TV reported earlier that militants have shelled an evacuation corridor from eastern Aleppo in the Ramuse district.

    The evacuation of militants and their families from east Aleppo has been suspended following the violation of the agreement.

    Earlier on Friday, the Russian reconciliation center in Syria said over 6,000 people, including 3,000 militants, had left eastern Aleppo in several convoys in the first 24 hours of the evacuation operation.

    The withdrawal of the remaining militants and their families from the eastern parts of Aleppo is organized by the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation, in cooperation with the Syrian authorities.

    According to the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the militants are set to be taken out of the city by buses and ambulances through a special corridor to the city of Idlib. Representatives of international organizations have been invited to monitor the process.


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      Why waste time in the first place trying to discuss with poison? Eliminate them once and for all.
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      TAKE THEM AWAY!!! They want to HIDE all atrocities they done.

      U.N serious? Why not hold a world event where they hear what this people have to say. PUBLICLY.
      I know who will oppose. But if allowed to talk, this Backed Mercenaries, been holding aid, and selling it to the residents. Forcing them to endure illness and all, by not allowing them to LEAVE the area.

      NO peace treaty can be have, unless people movement is FREE. And they renounce weapons. Well maybe they can keep , to help against terror. But is not working.
    • MNaydenov
      I thought the evacuation is monitored. The Russian army must report not a TV channel!
    • Jonathan Ferguson
      Whatever happens, Moderate Syrian Dissident Community gonna... 'MODERATE!' #sarcasm
    • Jonathan Fergusonin reply tojameskees(Show commentHide comment)
      jameskees, Maybe strategic or something.
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      I see that even sputnik is addressing terrorists as militants, its a bit confusing isn't it?
    • Gentle Eaglein reply togiorgoskaz11(Show commentHide comment)
      John Kerry said terrorists are human beings too and sort of entitled to human rights.
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      giorgoskaz11in reply toGentle Eagle(Show commentHide comment)
      Gentle Joe, John Kerry has a policy to serve and sputnik has another, so I prefer sputnik to call them terrorists as they use to do
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