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    Western media describes terrifying scenes while reporting on the situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo. However, the actual situation on the ground is totally different from the picture created by media, said Alexandre Goodarzy, head of the mission of the SOS Christians of the East (SOS Chrétiens d’Orient) aid organization in Aleppo.

    Commenting on the current situation in the city, Goodarzy said that the Syrian Army is continuing the fight against the rest of the militants who control an "area of two square kilometers."

    "They are fighting tooth and nail. It seems that the rest of the militants are foreign Jihadists recruits. They are shelling western Aleppo," Goodarzy told Sputnik France.

    The activist also said that claims about "Syrian Army’s killing civilians" are a lie distributed by Western media.

    "The only killings here were committed by militants, some of whom still control one or two percent of the territory in southeastern Aleppo," he said.

    On Sunday, the Syrian Army officially declared victory in the battle for Aleppo which began more than four years ago. The first clashes in the city broke out on July 19, 2012. 

    In the last few months, Aleppo has become an important battleground in Syria, engulfed by a conflict between government forces and a number of opposition and extremist groups.

    Over the past three weeks, the Syrian army and militias have freed more than 98 percent of the territory of eastern Aleppo, according to the Russian reconciliation center.

    Goodarzy also said that residents of Aleppo are still celebrating the liberation of their city.

    "There is a celebration in the city streets, yesterday and today. This is not the fall of the city. People are celebrating. People who were divided have now rejoined. There is no more east Aleppo and west Aleppo. There is just one Aleppo," he said.

    He also said that he has met many people from eastern Aleppo who told him about the horror they went through while the part of the city was occupied by terrorists.

    Goodarzy also criticized French media for its manner of reporting the situation in Aleppo.

    "I think that French journalists are liars. They know what is happening here, but the truth is being turned upside down. This is what I see in Aleppo and other [Syrian] cities. I’ve been living here for one and a half year. I know what the jihadists have done," he said.


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