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    US Airstrike in Mosul Reportedly Leaves 90 Iraqi Servicemen Dead

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    Middle East
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    A total of 90 Iraqi servicemen were killed and 100 were wounded as a result of a mistake strike by the US Air Force in Mosul, a local news portal reported Saturday. A source in the Iraqi army confirmed the information to Sputnik Arabic.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to the Factiniraq news portal, the airstrike also damaged Iraqi military hardware, and the troops had to retreat from the area.

    US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles are designed to conduct airstrikes in Syria and Iraq
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    The airstrike, which occurred on Friday, targeted an armored division, destroying eight infantry fighting vehicles and four Humvee military trucks, the army source told Sputnik Arabic.

    The Iraqi operation to liberate Mosul, which was occupied by the Daesh terrorist group (outlawed in Russia) in June 2014, has been ongoing since October 17. The offensive is led by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Iraqi soldiers backed by the US-led anti-terror coalition.


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    • avatar
      mzungu in Africa
      Am I surprised? No!
    • Lee
      The only thing worse than having the US as your enemy is having them as an Ally.
    • avatar
      Another mistake? Would they say the same if it was Iraq Forces that took out US servicemen, serving at home?
    • Hermes
      The Iraqi army can thank their government for this.
    • Anne
      Ever since WW2 the USA armed forces have been attacking their own allies, with friendly fire. Its called blue on blue or collateral damage, wrong coordinates, or just a plain accident. Who needs an enemy when you have friends like US armed forces. Go back through every war where Yanks have been and you can read about them. My Dad fought along side them in WW2 and hated it, they cost more UK lives than the Germans did. Who Needs enemy's when you have US armed forces as your friends and allies.
    • Vince
      Whenever ISIS seems to be on the verge of defeat in a battle, the US always manages to "accidentally" attack the forces that are battling ISIS. Ninety dead and multiple vehicles destroyed is not a single "accident" but a sustained "accident".
    • Drain the swamp
      There is GPS,GLONASS,instant satellite communication,etc,etc. But this was probably to clear a path for US stooge baghdadi and/or cohorts to escape. The ayrabs have been damaged by 400 years of Turkish rule, really they should not be accepting such madness, the solution will come in the afghan "green-on-blue" way.
    • avatar
      I guess the pilot was the same guy who by mistake killed more then 60 Syrian solders during the cease fire agreed with the Russians....
    • avatar
      ISIS Air force in action! Who is surprise?
    • avatar
      and it's only going to get worse with the declining skills of us troops.
    • avatar
      Great job. Perfect calculation. Most effective side balancing. Never an accident/mistaking. Importing our home "shoot black/brown men first - question later" abroad to Iraq/Syria, works perfectly.
    • choticastile
      A mistake????? -- The whole bloody US Air Force is a MISTAKE!!-- a MISCREANT purposefully delivering hell on earth on the innocents! In the Holy Name of God-- what horrific carnage they inflict wherever they 'operate'!!-- maybe US Air Force should be renamed to the US Force of Genocide!
    • avatar
      I agree with the comments here, the US as a partner would require you constantly looking over your shoulder. They certainly are expert in killing their allies.
      If, as they do claim, all the deaths they have caused are a result of mistakes, then it shows what an appalling command and control structure they have.
      Exceptional people, how right they are, exceptionally incompetent.
    • landauroj
      Another embarrassed friendly killing by the US-led coalition air fighters. The USA will claim that this action has been a terrible mistake. The air coalition led by the USA simply does not share intelligence with the Iraqis main central strategist body. This is done in order that the USA will have the upper hand in all events in this war. They decide who to kill and who do not to kill. Most probably the Iraqis were threatening a body of American advisors inside the ranks of Daesh. Let’s do not forget that the USA needs Al-Nusra as well as Daesh to over through Assad’s government as well as to help the Turks. The USA just can print more dollars notes to pay everybody to have a permanent war in the Middle East because this is marvelous for business. At least Iraq must ask to replace the armored division, fighting vehicles, a the Humvee trucks lost with this "mistake" and pay compensation to the 100 widows.
    • avatar
      This sounds vaguely familiar.
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