20:58 GMT25 September 2020
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    US President Barack Obama has lifted restrictions on supplies of weapons to foreign fighters in Syria. This is according to a White House press release, published on Thursday. The move will immediately escalate the situation in a war-torn country, said a former Pentagon official Michael Maloof.

    Maloof’s statement was echoed by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who said that the US weapons may fall into terrorists’ hands. Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with Navid Nasr, independent geopolitical analyst based out of Zagreb, Croatia.

    “The exact wording is the provision of defense articles and services to foreign forces and that can encompass any number of things. When you are talking about defense articles and services then yes why not man pads, why not pretty much anything,” Nasr said.

    He further said that it is absolutely shocking that Obama and the people behind this decision are not going without a fight despite the fact that he has only two months left in the office.

    “The liberation of Aleppo has made them redouble efforts and I don’t know who will be the initial receivers of this new ‘defense articles’ but sooner or later, it will end up in the hands of Daesh or al-Nusra,” the analyst told Spuntik.

    Talking about the recent UN resolution and the proposed peace plan for Syria, the analyst said that it is really shameful how the US and Europe make small countries such as Micronesia sign their resolutions in the UN to demonstrate support for their so called peace plans.

    However, according to Nasr whatever the US and its supporters have tried to throw at this conflict in Syria, whatever they have tried to do so far except for putting 50,000 boots on the ground in Syria, “they have succeeded to destroy the country, but they failed to achieve any of their strategic goals.”

    “So they can keep trying to do that but it will be a bottomless hole for them, into which they will keep funneling tens of millions of dollars without any results,” Nasr said.

    He further spoke about how “brazen, shameless and open” this decision by Obama really is.

    “The only thing that Islamic State [Daesh] did was give itself a bad PR; otherwise it would also be receiving all this aid and weapons. So other groups like Ahrar al-Sham, al-Nusra Front they have been more successful because they have been better at managing their PR, that’s all,” Nasr said.


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