10:53 GMT +325 March 2017
    Syrian army soldiers standing on their military trucks chanting slogans in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad, as they enter a village near the town of Jisr al-Shughour, north of Damascus, Syria (File)

    Militants' Guns Fall Silent Across Syria as Army Liberates Aleppo Districts

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    Middle East
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    The Syrian Army's success in Aleppo makes militants' guns fall silent across the country, Russia's reconciliation center said.

    HMEYMIM (Sputnik) — Syrian government troops assumed full control of a city on the southwestern outskirts of Damascus and 13 nearby villages in the past 24 hours, the Syria-based Russian reconciliation center said Friday.

    "Against the backdrop of Syrian army successes in the liberation of eastern districts of Aleppo from armed groups, militants stop fighting in other parts of Syria," the center said.

    "Since December 1, 2016, the city of Khan Alsheh 15 kilometers [9 miles] from Damascus and 13 surrounding settlements have come under the full control of the Syrian authorities," it said.

    Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011, with government forces fighting the Syrian opposition groups striving to overthrow President Bashar Assad. In parallel, Damascus has to counter numerous extremist groups, in particular, Daesh — a terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other counties.


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      why the pause from their side I wonder...?
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      Where U.S E.U, U.K NATO and ALLIES vs Syria and some Russian help plus Iran.
      Syria is FULL of sanctions and CHARLATAN U.N don't let SYRIA defend itself from terrorists, mercenaries that ALL are illegal groups.

      END ALEPPO and continue. NO MERCY. KEEP on until VICTORY is at hand!!! As SOON as possible, Syria should join SCO, maybe EEU and CSTO. And RATS.
      That will keep Turkey from CLOWNING and Israel at bay.
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      The celebration will be ENORMOUS.
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      YAY! Well done Syria Russia Hezbollah Iran !
    • danielmartin516
      Great news indeed, I hope the Syrian people will get their well deserved peace soon in whole of the country.
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