00:26 GMT09 August 2020
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    Battle Against Daesh in Iraq (49)
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    The Iraqi Army and Kurdish fighters have liberated several districts in the eastern part of Mosul from Daesh terrorists.

    After severe clashes, government troops entered four districts: Hayalkudüs, Kerame, Hayalsalah, and Saddam. They pull down Daesh flags there and raised the national flag of Iraq, Sputnik Turkey reports.

    According to reports, 76 terrorists were killed and 8 were captured in fighting that has been ongoing since yesterday. 

    Iraqi soldiers continue works on demining and defusing of bombs planted by terrorists. They are evacuating civilians who had been trapped in their houses because of the fighting.

    Meanwhile, Mosul residents continue to leave the city. They are fleeing to Erbil with white flags on their cars.

    According to Sputnik Turkey, as clashes become more intense, Iraqi command has sent armored vehicles and special units from Baghdad and Diyala province as reinforcements. The units previously took part in street battles against Daesh in El-Fallujah and other cities.

    Battle Against Daesh in Iraq (49)


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