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    Fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) (File)

    Syrian Kurds Call for International Support in Operation to Liberate Raqqa

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    Middle East
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    Operation to Liberate Raqqa From Daesh (25)

    The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) called on international and regional forces to support the operation to liberate the northern Syrian city of Raqqa from Daesh terrorist group.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to the document, the operation, called 'Euphrates Rage', will be carried out in coordination with US-led coalition forces.

    "We urge all the international and regional forces suffering from Daesh to contribute to the elimination of the world terrorism and to provide the forces liberating Raqqa with all kinds of support, including logistic, moral and political," the communique, obtained by RIA Novosti, said.

    The SDF also urged the humanitarian organizations to fulfill their duties for Raqqa residents, who would soon be liberated from Daesh.

    Earlier in the day, the SDF announced the start of the military operation to liberate Raqqa from Daesh.

    The operation to liberate Raqqa will be the second major offensive backed by the US-led coalition against Daesh this fall. On October 17, Iraqi troops supported by the Kurdish Peshmerga units and US-led coalition’s airstrikes launched an offensive to retake Mosul, main Daesh stronghold in Iraq.

    Operation to Liberate Raqqa From Daesh (25)


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      There shall be no international help on Raqqa. This is a Syrian issue and will be solved the Syrian way.
      Any external forces inside Syria will be mistaken as terrorists and come under severe attack.
      Syria Is a sovereign nation capable of solving its own issues unless it asks for help from its own coalition partners aka Syrian coalition partnership.
      Your activities at Raqqa will be at your own risk.
      You have been warned.
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      i see a strange situation, Us develop a crazy entity like Daesh to later fight it in another context, something seen with Talebani in Afghanistan...un absurdity!
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      SDF under urgent instruction from US jumps in to help HC at the polls in a auto suggest way that HC was right all along!!? by announcing it will attack and it has the manpower and will get it done? then in the next breath screams out help? considering that just this morning the SDF vacated the Infantry Academy in Aleppo after an agreement was reached with Assad to let SDF attack Al Bab with Syrian air support and then go onto Raqqa.

      Then we get these rash announcements that completely contradict what was planned and agreed.

      Seems this was way to much legitimacy for US to stomach of Assad and they used there usual charm and persuasion (sarcasm) undoubtedly Obama has promised them billions to build a major capital and they will all be rich as long as they call it Obamastan with his statue on every roundabout.
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      I hope the Russian and Assads forces kill all foreign forces invading Syria and shoot all US and coalition aircraft that enters Syrian airspace. What the hell are the Russians doing, selling out Assad and his forces?
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      copiusin reply toraptorabz(Show commentHide comment)
      No sell out. Aleppo is being made into a shark tank.
      All the sharks are getting nervous and fighting each other for resources and high ground. This is the natural survival physce war. Enemy kill enemy.
      Also a secret plan to kill 3 birds with one stone.
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      Russia can do this FAST and easily. Without using the most expensive gear!!
      A BLOCKADE MUST be done, and corridors for civilians. They MUST be protected.

      The old still works!!!!

      Any military strategist, studied ancient war tactics and strategies. The age of castle!!

      Fortifications. They can be undermined!! Engineers know how to collapse them fast.. From on front. and make it collapse. THEN desperation as they get exposed. Russia Iran will need countless sniper and marksmen, and watch with machine guns. No artillery use.

      Russia DO HAVE vehicles capable of withstand their attacks. and use snipe or light machine guns to kill all combatants, and not touch civilians.

      Instead of live grenades, use smoke. The ONLY issue will be the civilians trapped. They will kill a lot of them. or ALL if the operation is stopped by any reason..
      See ALEPPO. Kerry's STUPID ideas and U.NB have now a lot of civilians dead. Girls shell shocked that her dad is gone. SAVE US.
      You MUST protect corridors.
      You MUST go and relentlessly attack combatants, day , night under all weather.

      They can also be FLUSHED.. But that may harm civilians.

      Religion. I would task Chechnya , to develop ways to scare out terrorists and mercenaries of west. The LEGITIMATE mercenaries. That been killing during a truce. Ways that they won't reach heavens. No virgins.. And begin there. hire female combatants. Name a female team like.. a name that will prevent them from reach heavens. IRAN also know.
      Those hiding dressed as woman capture them, gift them to IRAN. WITH the condition that they will be publicly paraded and shown to the world with the press.

      they can be turned into women..
      And end RAQQA. But Until Russia doesn't wake up, and allow more, this will drag for decades.
      What Russia needs is tactics . NOT air power,. Having small weapons that can 150% accurately destroy an artillery piece is great!! That can go thru a window or wall and kill combatants. Just keep the video. For war crimes answers. No need to be secret.
      The weapon MUST destroy arty and operators ONLY.
      This brings one plane to mind. \

      The SU 47!!!
      This plane can loiter in a coin. With all modern avionics, and engine that can aid it, it be so maneuverable, that no one would believe.
      Armed with a sniper gun, it could kill one combatant from far away. The SU 34 will be a joke aro8und this plane. The MIG 35 is great too, but the 47 can stay on top
      The YAK 130 is also a great plane. Maybe it could be adapted to be VTOL.
      The YAK 141 is the F35. Lockheed bought a license from YAK.
      TIME RUSSIA put plans together.

      Roman days war. The siege of MASADA. I know, No one like it, me either. BUT MUST be studied. You can create a ramp over fortifications!!!! YES.. this will bring vehicles and troops in..
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      bricslovein reply tofrancescoslossel(Show commentHide comment)

      it is not an absurdity. it is a very clever game that has proved useful since then and even before actually.

      -create daesh
      -let an ethnicity that wants lands fight against it and let them become the hero
      - let the whole world recognize this ethnicity's terrorist oorganizations as "guerillas", "freedoom fighter" oh just like the mujahadeen, yes,

      - and use games of name-changing an dmultiple names to screw with people's memories so that if one fails to get recognized as peaceful, the other does -all names with the word "democratic" in them, very old and stale, really

      - let these "guerillas" be removed from the list of world's terror groups except yours so that you can keep a front and sefend yourself against your so-called ally which starts doubting your intents

      - declare that you consider these "guerillas" part of your army, -
      - then demand recognition in the trilateral agreement now that you are hereos, who somewhow, after having fought daesh, settled in the most important syrian provinces whose former demographics was much different than the current state

      the whole thing was 1. create daesh 2. create kurdish troops with different names 3. let them fight (only higher ups know more about the game not all the fools they recruit, they were only recurited to die for them)
      4. let daesh empty out the syrian cities (and al qaeda iraqi provinces)
      5. report syrian casualties as kurdish, too, so that no one cares about the previous demographics
      6. burn all population registries and ownership statements and archives
      7. let kurds settle in as new inhabitants
      8. claim "native"ness to the region
      9. ask for autonomy
      10. if rejected, fight against syria (kill some daesh vermin without talent and kill syrian army generals at the same time)
      11. threaten to divide unless given autonomy

      that is the so called "peace talk".

      -from here on not addressing anyone in particular-

      erdogan had been helping the US until 3 years ago. he did so by first removing the mines along the syrian border(lots of trespassing was made possible). he also opened up a discussion to recognize these kurdish terrorist organizations -which have been bombing our schools and hospitals and precincts and civilians since 1984- in turkey, too. we had defeated them in turkey by the time erdogan started doing this. and you know what, it was with Syria's help that we managed to do this.

      that is how erdogan, who used to call assas a friend started promoting him as a monster anyway.

      erdogan just wants to save himself. and shifting allegiances was his only way.

      this is a good development both for turkey and for the whole region.

      but because none of the other parties are pro-eurasian and because erdogan plans to pass this bill that will let him become a monarch (and he has been violating our constitution every step of the way, the way he and his party did for one and a half decade), if he succeeds, the whole middle east will be effed up once again. there is no way for this to not spill over if he succeeds. that will be the mark of the beginning of the process that will divide turkey. and dividing turkey has the same effect in the midlle east as dividing any of the four countries sharing the borders where the kurds want to declare autonomy.

      this is a nightmare. turkish people do not judge by actions but by words. that is how this liar has stayed in power for so long. (the rigged elections might as well be a reason, like 17 million extra ballots, voting twice, votes from the dead, electricity going off, i could go on...)

      we severely need to be imposed certain restraints by russia and the other allies. restraints that will make sure we will remain secular and we maintain the separation of powers (as opposed to what erdogan wants to accomplish- his bill basically says he enacts laws, he judges people, he orders the parliament to execute all this, with no authority lent to parliament to question his possible abuse of power so effectively there really will be no parliament, it will just be a facade-

      if he succeeds in doing this by hook or crook the way he won all the elections and all (the referendum was, too, rigged, ask about that to the feto imprisoners who helped out with that because they worked for the same powers then), then the whole middle east will be ruined once again.
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      francescoslosselin reply tobricslove(Show commentHide comment)
      what i can answer you is: best gift of the year has been Peace in Syria...
    • avatar
      bricslovein reply tofrancescoslossel(Show commentHide comment)

      yes, my god, definitely yes. now we have to make sure that it will last. syria belongs to the syrians!
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