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    An aerial view shows the Dome of the Rock (R) on the compound known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount.

    Palestinians Outraged as Israel Destroys Historic Muslim Graves in Jerusalem

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    Middle East
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    The destruction at a 1,400 year old cemetary in East Jerusalem on Wednesday, reportedly to clear space for a national park, sparked condemnation among Palestinians.

    In a video posted to social media by the Jerusalem Media Center, a Palestinian non-governmental organization, personnel from the Israeli Nature Authority are seen destroying the graves at Bab Al-Rahmeh ("Gate of Mercy") Cemetery, as members of the Israeli Defense Force look on.

    The area is reportedly being transformed into a national park, the International Business Times reports.

    “Personnel from the so-called ‘Israeli Nature Authority’ – backed by large numbers of Israeli forces – stormed the historical Bab Al-Rahmeh cemetery and knocked down eight graves,” Mustafa Abu Zahra, the head of the Committee for the Preservation of Islamic Cemeteries in Jerusalem, told Turkey’s Anadolu Agency.

    "Israel wants to transform the cemetery into a national park for Israeli Jews.”

    The cemetery is located by the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third-holiest site, which has been part of an ongoing dispute over the area it is located in.

    The area is known in Judaism as The Temple Mount, that religion’s holiest site — and known to Muslims as The Noble Sanctuary. Palestinians leaders have claimed that the demolition of the graves is retaliation over the United Nation's world heritage foundation, UNESCO’s, controversial decision on the location. Israel has accused UNESCO of denying Jewish people’s connection to the site.

    “Last September, Israeli authorities confiscated part of the Bab Al-Rahmeh cemetery, prompting Al-Aqsa Mosque Director Sheikh Omar al-Kiswani to state, ‘not only does the Israeli occupation go after living Muslims, but even the dead are not safe,’" the IB Times reports.


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      the abomination causing desolation must be stopped, they are destroyers, murderers, liers and thieves.....they have seized holy ground, be assured, none of our forefathers, our ancestors, our prophets are resting through any of this.... I can feel my blood reach boiling point
    • tom
      i bet the muslims stole/desecrated a christian churchyard to begin with...
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      to destroy tombs is a very unlucky activity...
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toAyelyah(Show commentHide comment)
      Ayelyah, Holy ground? By whose definition is an ancient cemetery considered to be holy?

      Your people had the opportunity to join in with Israel back in 1947 but chose instead to go to war against the newly formed state of Israel.
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      Thor, how very Nazi of you! Still blaming the Jews for all the world's ills?
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      francescoslosselin reply toAyelyah(Show commentHide comment)
      for me it's quite sure Israel hate Muslim and expecially Palestinians, as a thief hate the owner... nobody can say me that after 2000 years anyone can pretend rigths over a country, if it would be, means that a lot of indigenous ethnic group should have their own, like Native Americans, Australian Aborigens, African Tuareg and so on!
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      "Rejoice not thou whole Palestina, that the rod of him that smote thee is broken.
      For out of the viper's clan shall come an even more poisonous snake.
      And his fruit shall be a fiery, flying serpent." (F-16s bearing phosphorous)
      Isaiah 14:29
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