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    S-300VM Antei-2500 air defense system

    This is What Will Shatter the 'Illusions of Amateurs' Against Russia in Syria

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    Russia has recently warned that its S-300 and S-400 air defense systems are up and running in Syria following leaked reports on the US' intentions to bomb Syrian airbases. As Russia’s Defense Ministry cautions the US-led coalition against carrying out airstrikes on the Syrian army, military experts reveal the defense capabilities of the systems.

    "The S-300 appeared [in Syria] after experts close to the American establishment started leaking information…that the US could hit Syrian airfields with cruise missiles," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in an interview with Russia's Dozhd TV channel on Friday.

    Earlier on Thursday, Russia's Defense Ministry also commented on the revelations, saying it could be a preface to real action.

    "A number of Western media outlets have published "leaks" about the talks held in the White House administration about the possibility of missile launches and airstrikes on Syrian army positions," the ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

    "As history has shown, such "leaks" often prove to be a preface to real action," he added.

    The Major General also warned that Russia has S-400 and S-300 air-defense systems deployed to protect its troops stationed at the Tartus naval supply base and the Hmeymim airbase in Syria. The effective range of the weapons may be "a surprise" to all unidentified flying objects.

    "Russian air defense system crews are unlikely to have time to determine in a ‘straight line’ the exact flight paths of missiles and then who the warheads belong to. And all the illusions of amateurs about the existence of ‘invisible’ jets will face a disappointing reality," Konashenkov added.

    Meanwhile, Russian military experts have revealed the defense capabilities of Russia's air systems.

    Lieutenant General Aitech Bizhev, Russian Air Force deputy commander-in-chief said that the efficiency of the anti-aircraft missile system depends on the size of its missile load.

    "S-300, S-400 usually have three missile stockpiles. It is a lot, due to the high probability that the target will be destroyed with the first hit. Experience from brush-fire wars shows that if during a massive air strike 20 percent of the enemy aviation is destroyed with the first hit, it will stop any further military activity of the enemy," he told Russia's online newspaper Vzglyad.

    "I highly doubt that our suggested enemies have a kamikaze (suicide pilots) squadron within their aviation units," the Lieutenant General added.

    He also commented on the words of Russia's Defense Ministry spokesperson about "illusions of amateurs about the existence of "invisible’ jets".

    "To be able to suppress Russia's air defense systems deployed in Syria, there should be a whole complex of measures put in place, including one to outflank the continuously operating radar field, thanks to which no flying object can go unnoticed," he said.

    The expert explained that any flying object is already "seen" at 600-700 km distance from the air field. As soon as it appears within range, the anti-aircraft battalions are put on combat alert. These include not only anti-aircraft missile systems, but also cannon-missile systems, similar to well-known Pantsir.

    Therefore, any unidentified targets flying in the direction of Hmeymim airfield will be destroyed upon entering into the air defense engagement area.

    "Our missile defense systems are capable of destroying any aerial target at any speed regardless any counter measures or jamming. The engagement area of our air defense systems is up to 400 km," he said.

    Bizhev also said that the S-300VM2 complex deployed in Syria is also able to destroy cruise missiles.

    "As we know, usually the aviation of a suggested enemy prefers to carry out destructive missile saturation without entering into the air defense engagement area, to be able to open corridors by punching a hole in the aerial defense," he explained.

    "This is exactly why S-300 VM2 has been deployed in Syria," the Lieutenant General said confirming the warnings provided by Russia's Defense Ministry.

    He also assured that Russia's aerial group won't wait on the air field but will disperse into the air to rebuff the attacks.

    "I don't envy those who risk flying into the engagement area," the Lieutenant General concluded.


    This is How 'Extremely Efficient' S-300 Will Boost Russia's Defenses in Syria
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    • Jammy
      I think the yanks might go for cruise missiles because it does not put there lives at risk and they are not easy to shoot down because they are small.

      Question is will russia attack the ships or bases that fire these missile in return and i hope the answer to that is yes becaue if they don't deal with stand off weapons then they will keep fireing them untill russia is force to surender or they will see it as a signal of weakness.
    • avatar
      Waiting for the US big mouths to comment.
    • Jammyin reply togbiyanju(Show commentHide comment)
      gbiyanju, Israel and it's bankers are behind this because they want to steel land from Syria and there banker own and control Congress by using bribes. Hit them and lets see the mask removed and if Russia needs an excuse then just do like the americans do and say the Israel has been hacking Russia even if you cannot prove a word.

      All paths including 9/11 lead to Rome
    • avatar
      Problem with such situations is that people including politicians are blinded with saturated propaganda where illusions become reality. People take all for a face value as whole construct of illusions is so tightly knit that after certain period of time it appears to be very consistent therefore truthful. People stop to question these information and gulp them down as holly truth.

      Any attempt of experts including reliable military experts from time to time issue warning that the reality is all different and not at all in concert with spread propaganda lies. People usually see what they want to see not as it is. There is say which is telling us that no one blind man can be more blind than someone who do not want to see.

      These western politicians are grasping these lies on two ways. One is to accept propaganda and declare it as holly truth and the other is to be so much scared of your master that in your fear from his possible punishment you follow him regardless if you know that these are lies.

      Germany is clearly the latter. You have to be aware that every country that allows USA to build their military base in it is de facto occupied. We are under the American occupation for 70 years now and as USA holds about 40.000 US government officials in different agencies and that they have to approve every move our politicians made is comparable to former Gestapo state.

      We will liberate from this tyranny only after USA are defeated and badly beaten by Russians. Hope that it will happen sooner rather than later.
    • Mikhas
      Oh, the humiliation!!

      That is exactly what motivate the Pentagon hotheads not to attack Syrian and Russian forces. Pictures of US planes falling out of the sky will be hard to bury and the prospect of their vassals getting c*cky and too independent . That is too big a risk for a settler state that depend on it´s ill-gotten reputation.

      As mentioned earlier, Syria has bot old S-200´s from the 60`s and two or three systems of S-300, both upgraded to present standards, as the zionazis and a two of their f16`s has experienced.
    • avatar
      WHY the S - 300 or S - 400 came not in action when the Syria army got under attack ?????
    • Jammyin reply toslimyfox(Show commentHide comment)
      slimyfox, Yes very well said.

      So far the attacks in Syria have been the work of the CIA and they are out of control and even the banker puppets working in Congress are being kept out of the loop.

      Now we are at the stage when a war bill must be past before any more attacks are carried out on Syria, in effect they need permision and I am not so sure they will get one because some members of congress might start feeling the call of the lamp posts getting close to there necks.

      Your average American does not want this war and the blacks are already having to fight a war of there own in the united states against the police state that can kill them at will and get away with murder every time and thats if it even goes to court.
    • avatar
      Hope things are as good as words. That way no wwiii . But will one side has the will to do what one said is the concern
    • avatar
      elsa.zardiniin reply tomario828282(Show commentHide comment)
      mario828282, Where?
    • avatar
      The US got also few good options to escalate the situation in their way and impose further EU Sanctions against Russia. Furthermore they can deliver better equipment to the Opposition, which will create higher costs for Russia. So far Russia spend already almost 500 Million $ here...
    • avatar
      mario828282in reply toelsa.zardini(Show commentHide comment)
      elsa.zardini, Syria.
    • dan sheppard
      The US terrorist state administration are preparing a sacrifice, a 'kamikaze' to be sent in and deliberately killed to escalate tensions into military conflict
      This is exactly the type of scenario the US terrorist state would use to their advantage.
    • avatar
      wendigoin reply toJammy(Show commentHide comment)
      Good question. Russia has advertised its anti aircraft shipments to Syria and their capabilities, but they're being quiet about their anti ship weapons, of which they have in large numbers. That's what the US commanders should really worry about, a sunken carrier or cruiser.
      (don't worry about the cruise missiles, the only Russian systems that can't kill them are the old ones)
    • avatar
      Will Damascus also be protected, and the person of the President Assad?
    • avatar
      goldcamshaftin reply todan sheppard(Show commentHide comment)
      dan sheppard, Kamakatze in a F35 on its maiden and last voyage.
    • choticastilein reply toivanwa88(Show commentHide comment)
      ivanwa88, Did you read that US is spraying planes in Russian colours?
    • avatar
      Russian radar can identify most advanced Russian planes as they are made mainly of Titanium.
      Wont find any of that good stuff in US plane except plywood, plastic and rubber bands and a bunch of pissed off squirrels. (sarcasm)
    • Natasha Haas
      Risks are high that the systems may be put to the test. Some weapons manufacturers would see a business threat through non-action in this scenario. A "test" where it could be shown that very expensive weapons systems can deliver as promised would be almost equal to the risk of inactivity or a failed test. The leaks are indeed a worrisome sign. Syria should make it publicly clearer that it reserves the right to defend itself and shoot back as I would expect that some attack will happen in the near future in connection with some type of diversion.
    • avatar
      Coalition pilots will feel the heat of the S300 while taking off.
      They won't stand a chance in killing more civilians.
    • avatar
      I don't think these S300 and S400 are real working models as the US and coalition forces and Turkish airforces, plus Belgian airforce bombing Aleepo, no aircraft was shot down, it's just bullshit.
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