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    Iraqi government forces and affiliated militias prepare for combat with Daesh outside of Fallujah.

    International Coalition Strikes People's Militia in Iraq Killing 18 Fighters

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    The head of the press center of the People's Militia in Iraq, Thu El-Fiqar Al-Baldawi spoke to Sputnik about the attack carried out by the international coalition on the People's Militia on October 5, in northern Iraq that killed 18 soldiers and injured dozens.

    “Yesterday, the coalition aircraft struck officially armed militia, who are fighting under the national flag of Iraq. This happened in broad daylight. The militia was fighting against a small Daesh unit, among which there were high ranking officers as well,” Al-Badawi said.

    According to him, Daesh was transporting arms from the city of Mosul to the south of Nineveh. It was at that precise moment that the People’s Militia surrounded the terrorists. The fight went on for more than three hours.

    “After that the coalition planes attacked the militia who were holding Iraqi flags, but did not attack Daesh militants who had black flags,” the head of the press center told Sputnik Arabic.

    He added that the fight was taking place in an open territory, so the visibility was clear and there was no excuse for misinterpreting who was who on the ground.

    “After this attack, 18 militiamen were killed and dozens were injured. The militants of Daesh managed to escape with their leaders. The planes that struck the militia did not attack the leaving cars of Daesh militants,” Al-Baldawi said.

    He said that this is not the first time that the coalition attacked the People's Militia forces. This happened in Tikrit, in Samarra, in the areas around Samarra, Baiji, in Fallujah and in other cities of Anbar.

    “Yesterday's attack on the militia occurred, despite the fact that the coalition is coordinating its actions with the US Armed Forces, which are in the south of Nineveh at the El Kiara base. After all, the entire infantry troops coordinate with each other [including the US Armed Forces],” Al-Baldawi concluded.


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