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    aid strewn across the floor in the town of Orum al-Kubra on the western outskirts of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, the morning after a convoy delivering aid was hit by a deadly air strike.

    September Attack on UN Aid Convoy in Syria Well-Prepared Hoax, Investigators Say

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    Attack on UN Aid Convoy Near Aleppo (37)

    The September 19 attack on a UN humanitarian convoy in Aleppo was "a well-prepared hoax", according to a group of independent military experts attached to the International Syria Support Group (ISSG).

    On September 19, a UN-Syrian Arab Red Crescent convoy carrying humanitarian aid for the Aleppo province was hit by a strike, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). As a result, 18 of 31 trucks were destroyed and at least 21 individuals were killed.

    According to the report seen by RIA Novosti, the experts studied the video recording made by the Russian drones accompanying the convoy, where "a car with a trailer clearly carrying a large-caliber mortar" can be seen. They also noted that al-Nusra Front-controlled militants were active in the region, when the convoy was attacked.

    "Urm al-Kubra is located in the region controlled by al-Nusra [Front] militants, moreover, this territory is noted as a region with high concentration of militants. If you consider reports of September 19, you will see that al-Nusra militants carried out a large-scale offensive supported by mass artillery fire, tanks and volley fire rocket systems in that very region at that time," the report read.

    The experts analyzed the footage and photos of the attack in the media and came to a conclusion that "the attack" was staged: in particular, the cabin of one of the trucks was not affected and "has no trace of a close explosion — traces of debris or holes, only the cargo damaged." Furthermore, the edges of the holes in damaged trucks are covered with rust. The road surface was also in perfect condition, while according to the experts it would have been damaged if it were hit by an airstrike.

    The degree of damage contradicts the airstrike version: the blast in a confined space would at least have overturned the trucks with cargo while explosions would have left shards in the walls of nearby buildings. But judging by the photos, the trucks only lost its canvas, their tires remained intact, the cardboard boxes remained in their places, and the nearby buildings have no cracks.

    The experts were also puzzled over the crater allegedly left by the purported airstrike.

    "The central part of the crater pulls objects in instead of scattering them around. Is it a black hole?"

    "In summary of this preliminary analysis, we can conclude that we are dealing with a well-prepared staged or ‘fake’ attack," the report reads.

    A diplomatic source told RIA Novosti that this report was sent to representatives with the United States who "expressed their disagreement with the conclusions."

    Western countries have accused Russia and Syria of the attack. Moscow has refuted the allegations and proposed to carry out an investigation of the incident, but the Russian proposal has not been met with interest by the West. The Russian Defense Ministry, commenting on the attack, said that a US Predator drone operated near Urum al-Kubra area north of Aleppo at the time of the deadly attack and had left the area only a half an hour after it.

    Attack on UN Aid Convoy Near Aleppo (37)


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      Really .... but Dumbeee bought it, Hook, line and sink !

      Showed UK true credentials !
    • iainthepict
      Given that the ISSG includes the Arab League, China, Egypt, the EU, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United Nations, and the United States, who exactly are these experts?
    • iainthepict
      Here's another news item with reference to a different (?) report: www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/attack-on-aleppo-aid-convoy-was-air-strike-un-expert/3181794.html
    • avatar
      All US drones in Syria are to be shot down with immediately.
      Their presence is illegal.
    • iainthepict
      And here's another one. At least this 'expert' has a name: www.expatica.com/ch/news/Syria-aid-convoy-hit-by-air-strike-UN-expert_784167.html
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      Inspect the ammo remains and burnt composition. It HAS THE DIRTY SMELL OF USA.
    • Peace
      We will see if western press will tell about this or make a fake story about it.

      Ho standing behine this attack no doubt us terrostate
    • sophm0e38
      Could this group investigate MH17 now, the Dutch are clueless.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toiainthepict(Show commentHide comment)

      Paul Joseph Goebbels was also an 'Expert with a name' and one of his quotes is
      "“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
      ― Joseph Goebbels

      Many more are here and display that the US employs all the Nazi techniques used to deceive the public.

    • avatar
      jasin reply toiainthepict(Show commentHide comment)
      iainthepict, You posted the same report twice, so it' not really "another"" source. But it does show the lack of specificity in the reports you seem to prefer and the report in this article. I haven't seen even photos that look anything like airstrike photos.

      The Russian drone has video that supports the report you don't seem to like. The preponderance of evidence seems to support the report referenced in this article.

      Once again, we have "definitive" claims from the US with almost zero supporting evidence.

      And once again, the question is, "Which side benefits from this?"
    • iainthepictin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, I'd just like to know who the experts are. The article here would carry more weight if those experts were named. The lack of attribution is one factor that allows the mainstream press and media to pooh-pooh this kind of reporting. For the record, I prefer the analysis presented in this article (here on Sputnik), but it's not me that has to be convinced.
    • JeromeWilshank
      Wait, what about the UN satellite pictures? It seems to contradict the whole "no damage to the roads" bit.
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      When was last time the US was in agreement with the facts?
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