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    Russia's efforts in Syria are logical and honest while the West constantly maneuvers; as a result, it often entraps itself, according to Qadri Jamil, a top Syrian opposition political leader from the People's Will Party and the Popular Front for Change and Liberation.

    The mission of the foreign countries taking part in the Syrian conflict might be a success only if all of them unite into a joint coalition, similar to the one which defeated the Nazi Germany 70 years ago, Qadri Jamil said during his press conference at the multimedia press center of Russia's International Information Agency Rossiya Segodnya.

    "The political process in Syria is deadlocked and the international efforts to settle the conflict have been paralyzed by the failed ceasefire agreement," the Syrian politician said.

    The main obstacle, he explained, is the difference of their definition which groups fighting in Syria should be regarded the terrorists.
    Daesh and al-Nusra Front have already been defined as the terrorist organizations and the international community have agreed to use force against them until complete elimination.

    However what to do with those armed groups which, although not part of the above groups, in fact are operating alongside them, the politician questioned.

    He reminded that after the US-Russia brokered ceasefire, 20 armed units announced that they would not only adhere to the agreed upon deal but would not recognize the ceasefire on the whole.

    Qadri Jamil, secretary of Syria's People's Will Party, a leader of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation
    © Sputnik / Vladimir Trefilov
    Qadri Jamil, secretary of Syria's People's Will Party, a leader of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation

    "In fact, they have announced their solidarity with al-Nusra which also does not recognize the international accords," the politician said.

    "The US position here looks very strange. It virtually defends al-Nusra, the terrorists which it claims it is fighting against," he said.

    Qadri Jamil read out the declaration of the People's Will opposition party which said that the US is torpedoing all the efforts to find a solution to the Syrian crisis in accordance with the international agreements and is doing everything to dissociate itself from the recent agreements between Moscow and Washington on the cessation of hostilities in Syria, disregarding the developments in Aleppo.

    "Russia with all of its remarks on the issue is trying to correct the behavior of the West. By providing new facts of the violation of the international agreements by the West, it tries not to exclude it from the common efforts on setting peace in the region but, on the contrary, it tries to force it to join in," the politician said.

    "Russia's efforts in Syria are logical and honest while the West constantly maneuvers, as a result, it often entraps itself," he added.

    It is Russia's interference into the crisis which has allowed to preserve the Arab republic as a state, Qadri Jamil said.

    The politician said that there is still an opportunity for cessation of hostilities in his home country however it requires more efforts from all the parties to the conflict. The war can be ended only with the help of a true and not declarative international coalition, similar to the one which was set up during the Second World War.

    "The set-up of Anti-Hitler Coalition was also deemed impossible at some point. However, as it often happens in history, it had been unexpectedly set up. Who would have predicted that Stalin and Churchill would become allies? No one," he recalled.

    Very few people now think that there is a chance for a really efficient alliance between the East and the West. However there is always room for surprises, the politician finally stated.


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