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    Assad: US Coalition's Airstrikes on Syrian Army is Aggression Serving Daesh

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    On Saturday, the US-led coalition targeted the Syrian Army battling Daesh in Deir-ez-Zor.

    "Increased state support for terrorists hostile to Syria has recently presented itself in the form of naked American aggression against one of the Syrian army positions in Deir ez-Zor in favor of the interests of the [Daesh jihadist group]," Assad said, as quoted by the Syrian presidency’s Twitter account, hosting a senior Iranian diplomat.

    He added that "countries hostile to Syria increase their support for terrorism as Syria succeeds in liberating territories and signing ceasefire agreements."

    The airstrikes by the coalition planes near the Deir ez-Zor airport were first reported by the Syrian Army on Saturday. Later in the day, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the attacks, saying they killed 62 servicemen and injured 100 more.

    The US Central Command said that the Syrian forces were mistaken for Daesh terrorists.

    Australia, Denmark and the United Kingdom have confirmed their participation in the airstrikes in Deir ez-Zor.

    Assad emphasized the importance of support provided by Russia and Iran during Syria's war against terrorism.


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    • FeEisi
      Exactly how many aircraft took part in the airstrike because it seems every country in the US-led coalition wants to take credit? Also in a normal strike how many aircraft are involved?

      So far it seems that at least 6 aircraft were used (2 US A-10s, 2 Danish F--16, Australia no specific number, UK no specific number).

      Also the Russian MoD only confirms four aircraft used: 2 a-10s and 2 F-16s. Is someone lying about their involvement?

      Russian MoD Confirms US-Led Coalition's F-16, A-10 Jets Attacked Syrian Army
    • avatar
      Syria Foreverin reply toFeEisi(Show commentHide comment)
      FeEisi, there been several attacks and it lasted around an hour. There are also stories about the use of TNW.
    • avatar
      President Assad has shown a civilized and honorable stance by keeping his side of the truce. However, the other side has shown who they are: War criminals. Sixty two brave Syrian men have been brutally killed by the USA attacks.
      Shame! The aggressors are a disgrace to the human race, no different from ISIS.
    • Zoanthropy
      the magnitude of the WAR just became a whole lot bigger...
    • avatar
      This attack is a prelude to intention of coalition forces hence the hands up yes we were involved antics.
      Most certainly the military aspect will enter a different phase on both sides!! heck? didn't US just sign a peace cease fire?

      This would have to be a determination for US to bring in NATO? albeit NATO forces have never attacked a nation with radar and Airforce intact?
      Or was it more the treat of the possibility to get a major addendum to the document just signed?

      I guess we will see a major change in the conflict with a look to the skies it appears the S400 may get a mighty test very soon or will the US coalition try to missile or use a high altitude bombing raid.

      This would of course mean that Russia would be drawn into WW3 and of course China and Iran? does UK, Israel,Saudi, want this? if so they are stark raving lunatics with a inherent death wish.

      Or will the snake charmer rub his magic snake oil over the Allies and charm them to there deaths. On the pretext that this will be a limited savage action that will scare Russia into submission??
    • avatar
      All this breaking of peace agreements resonates with Hitler breaking all his treaties at will or a whim?

      If this is on the planning board and one would have to presume after that attack that it is then all manner of attempts will come to the fore over the next weeks.
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