10:17 GMT +326 March 2017
    Barrels painted in the colours of the Syrian flag in the eastern town of Deir Ezzor

    'Hypocrisy Beyond Classical': US-led Bombing of Syrian Army Wasn't 'Mistake'

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    Middle East
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    While the Pentagon claimed that US coalition's strikes on the Syrian Army in Deir ez-Zor was unintentional, Moscow and Damascus said that the attack has led to Daesh's advance in the region. Sputnik spoke to political analyst and commentator on Middle Eastern affairs, Hafsa Kara-Mustapha.

    “This is not a mistake and it can’t be, primarily because there cannot be a military exercise during an agreed ceasefire period. The American airplane had nothing to do flying over there at that time period when a ceasefire was agreed and officially announced,” Kara-Mustapha said.

    She added that the action was a violation of the agreed ceasefire, she also added that the US military is equipped with the best military hardware that can actually determine who is who and where.

    “It was abundantly clear that the targets were the official Syrian military. The idea of dismissing it as a mere mistake is ridiculous.”

    “What this has achieved is essentially giving ISIS [Daesh] an upper hand once again. They were surrounded; they were considerably weakened as a result of Syrian and Russian efforts and this latest American exercise killing 60 Syrian soldiers and injuring hundreds has actually given ISIS the upper hand once again,” Kara-Mustapha said.

    She further spoke about the emergency UN session to discuss this which was called on by Russia and how the US ambassador to the UN called Russia’s effort as a "stunt."

    “The idea that the [US] could actually violate the ceasefire and then complain of being the victims of a stunt is a hypocrisy beyond classical,” the analyst said.

    She further spoke about the dishonesty and how blatant the US is in pointing fingers at others.

    “This is a nation that has been dishonest in its dealings with the Middle East for nearly a century now.”

    She further said, “We have seen the results of American intervention in Iraq, it resulted in the creation of ISIS and we know that many of ISIS figureheads were nurtured and brought up in camps. What is resurfacing from this is the complicity between ISIS and the US which is becoming far more obvious to all,” the analyst said.

    Kara- Mustapha said that what was dismissed as conspiracy two to three years ago now is becoming quite obvious and that is that Daesh’s interest and the US interest converge.

    According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, two F-16 fighter jets and two A10 ground attack aircraft entered Syrian airspace from Iraq and launched airstrikes on Syrian government troops near the Deir ez-Zor airport, leaving at least 62 Syrian servicemen killed and more than 100 wounded.


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      Another disgusting, pathetic, transparent, stupid lie from disgusting, pathetic, transperant stupid people!
      WHEN does this hogwash end? The day the neocons are all dead.
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      IT is Russia's fault, why do you trust the bloody f...US Kerry and his lies, it is about time ,you guys did your own bombing runs on the friendly US terrorist.
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      Too many mistakes in the past and Russia still buting it? Russia must have been sleeping
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      Usa playing the victim card,what a joke,there masters are brilliant with there victimized cards.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beamsin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, I think that this nobel prize is just a reward between people of the same kind so it doesn't mean anything solid :/. And I agree it's more than treason it's provocation in a vicious way.
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      armorin reply toOP.(Show commentHide comment)
      OP. and RussG553, with you and many, I join to offer my condolences to those Syrian families whose sons, husbands, fathers have died while doing their duty to their country, Syria, under the bombs of a so-called 'democratic' country, the now-dreaded Us of NA, who think they are the masters of the world. Like you, Russ, it is difficult to sleep while contemplating the 'accomplishments' of these ruthless savages in power in the so-called DC. Good N.A. peoples, get rid of that lot, quickly.
      May God help Syria, they deserve better than this. Russia, thank you, the Russian Soul will carry the day. Our Lady of Fatima, help us ALL.
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      Yes, and Samantha Power just did that at a world-wide media briefing at the UN while the Security Council were meeting.
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      Donnyin reply toDonny(Show commentHide comment)
      Donny, And, nobody will be 'surprised' now.
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      mzungu in Africa
      We will soon see the Russian answer.
    • Zoanthropy
      Impeach Hussein OBAMA and Hillary Clinton.
    • Zoanthropy
      West Point Military Academy highly trained US military personal, high-tech planes with the best night vision, intelligence gathering devices abilities & commutation devices etc etc. The Commanding General of the USA Army Forces had to give authority for the bomb site to be bombed, if the US is this incompetent take their toys way and kick these guys out.

      The USA are broke global bullies, global trouble makers every region they go to they are trouble. Go home USA and fix your "Black Lives Matter" issues, fix your 20 Trillion deficit,, fix your crumbling cities, roads, airports, hospitals and most of all start teaching Americans how to speak English, you are globally lagging behind. Bye Obama!! can't wait for the DNC for have the next round of Wikileaks and hopefully you might be impeached, and take the money hungry Soros Golden Girl Hillary with you.
      Don't bother flying John Kerry into Geneva or any other location for peace talks & ceasefire plans on Syria, Friday's Geneva agreement this September has clearly collapsed, no point tax payers paying for Kerry's empty words, private planes, VIP security, hotels, food etc etc.
    • choticastile
      USG has dug its own grave. What the analyst above put across so succinctly, reflects in much plainer language, our comments on the various news reports her on SN about what can only be referred to as the cruel and ruthless actions of backstabbing cowards. Definitely there is infighting between political factions governing the US, as in various media journalists are questioning, who is really governing the USA.

      Yet, us ordinary non-American folk, long since know, that the USG as a whole, are governed by people who represent members from both the main opposition parties-- and that these people care not a whit about the USA, but only to achieve their own ungodly global agenda.

      They are traitors to their people and the World-- not only guilty of high-treason within their own borders, their desperation to achieve their goals in the ME and for that matter in Russia, Europe and the South China Sea, clearly show they will stop at nothing to achieve it.
    • choticastilein reply toOP.(Show commentHide comment)
      OP., Yeah, but who was the hidden hand behind all these past leaders? If not the Bolsheviks and modern day Zionist cabal-- the so-called movers and shakers of our planet-- AKA the Global Bankster Gangsters.
    • choticastilein reply toraptorabz(Show commentHide comment)
      raptorabz, Russia mate, it is who has managed to keep this planet from WW3! So please consider what could become a dreadful overnight reality, should the highly sane leaders of Russia give the completely insane leaders of the US what they're panting for -- which is WW3 -- to save their miserable bloody dollar and their economy which is in tatters.

      Do you have children and grandchildren? I am not fighting with you Raptorabz, I am simply drawing your attention to the fact, that although we read reports appearing in global news, we are nowhere near to being privy to the real situations on the ground floor... While Russia, my friend, is truly au fait with it all from A to Z.

      Maybe better we thank God for the way Russia has handled not only the situation in Syria, but also in Ukraine, that Russia it was who sent rescue planes to Yemen, to uplift an evacuate civilians in the middle of blood and chaos (which continues there to this day) and NOT that it was not the USA who rescued its citizens-- but the Russian Federation!!-- that after the US and Saudi and others, did not even want Russia to land or deliver aid to the Yemenis in Sanaa (if I remember correctly).

      What does it tell you? Does it not tell you that Russia is a mature and caring nation, not only of its own people, but of all people on the planet.... Like a wise custodian of us all.

      More and ongoing war is not what our poor beleaguered planet needs and Russia is the foremost leader globally who is committed to return the world to a more peaceful state... God bless Putin and Russia for its forbearance and patience, for the wisdom of its true-blue leaders.
    • choticastilein reply topeaceactivist2(Show commentHide comment)
      peaceactivist2, BS and you know it... You want to go and take over Putin's job?? I know everybody is frustrated and enraged at the US' cowardly actions and the death of brave men is weighing heavily on us all, but we need to understand that Russia is the country that is keeping the world from exploding under our feet an going up in flames of another global war. A war, which Peace, we'd be lucky if few survived it... Let us be patient and trust Russia... Putin and his team know exactly what they are doing and they're doing right, not only by Russia, but by the whole planet... Go well.
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      [Last night] Russian UN ambassador: "Who's in charge in Washington, the White House or the Pentagon?"

      [In June} "...dozens of State Department officials this week protested against U.S. policy in Syria, signing an internal document that calls for "targeted military strikes against the Damascus government and urging regime change as the only way to defeat Islamic State."

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      RobertBealin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
    • Igor Rin reply toOP.(Show commentHide comment)
      OP., Don't touch Stalin, he was only cleaning out the Zionists, the same people who are behind 911, ISIS and a whole lot of other atrocities around the world.
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      Randall Lee Hilburn
      Those who don't stand up to evil when it is in their power to do so become complicit in that evil. May Russia make the right choice. Trying to run from a mad dog only guaranties they will bite you. Do the Russian people want to become Washington' slaves? Of course not! But they need to decisively start standing up to Washington or that is precisely what is going to happen. Freedom is never cheap, nor without risk in fighting for it. But it is better to die on your feet as a free man, than to live as a slave of a foreign government. If the US isn't stopped in Syria, sooner or later they will come after Russia.
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      From now on any aerial attacks on Syrian and its allies will be fired upon.
      We will consider it as a terrorist attack. Shoot first, talk later.
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