22:52 GMT24 June 2021
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    Saturday's US-led coalition airstrike against Syrian government positions near city of ​​Deir ez-Zor could jeopardize international efforts against Daesh(the Islamic State/IS) terrorist group, which have started gaining momentum, Samir Aita, a member of the Syrian Democratic Forum opposition party, told Sputnik.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The attacks by the coalition planes near the Deir ez-Zor airport were first reported by the Syrian army on Saturday. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the attacks saying they killed 62 servicemen and injured 100 more.

    "Deir ez-Zor is a major element in the fight against Daesh. This 'error' bombing of forces courageously fighting against the terrorists could blow the common international efforts which gained momentum against Daesh. It blows the hope to see it soon being eliminated," Aita said.

    The attack should push the United States and Russia to increase coordination efforts between their respective anti-IS campaigns in Syria, he added, stressing that more communication must take place between all sides.

    "This "error" bombing should encourage the USA and Russia to enhance their collaboration, talking to all sides of the conflict. The USA to the Syrian army and Russia to opposition combating groups. This is the only way to eliminate terrorism and obtain peace, much more than a ceasefire," he said.

    The Russian Defense Ministry said if the attacks were due to false coordination, this would prove Washington's refusal to coordinate anti-Daesh efforts with Moscow.

    According to the Syrian military terrorists launched an offensive against government troops near Deir ez-Zor in the wake of the coalition attack.


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