11:20 GMT +323 March 2017
    F-16 fighter jet

    Russian MoD Confirms US-Led Coalition's F-16, A-10 Jets Attacked Syrian Army

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    Middle East
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    The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that Syrian army positions were attacked by two F-16 fighter jets and two A-10 ground attack aircraft of the US-led coalition.

    "Today at 17:00-17:50 Moscow time, international anti-Daesh coalition (two F-16 and two A-10 jets) carried out four strikes on Syrian government forces' units encirled by Daesh near Deir ez-Zor airport. The coalition's aircraft entered Syrian airspace from the side of the Iraqi border," Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

    Earlier in the day, the General Command of the Syrian army accused the US-led coalition of bombing the Syrian army's positions in Deir ez-Zor.

    As a result of the attack, 80 Syrian soldiers were killed and some 100 others were injured, according to information received from the Syrian command in Deir ez-Zor, he said.

    The Russian Defense Ministry said that Daesh terrorists launched an offensive soon after the US-led coalition aircraft attacked the Syrian government forces.

    "If this airstrike was carried out due to an error in the coordinates of the targetm it is a direct consequence of US side's unwillingless to coordinate its actions against terrorist groups with Russia," the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman emphasized.

    Konashenkov said that fighting with terrorists has been taking place near the Deir ez-Zor airport.

    The news comes amid a ceasefire in Syria agreed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry on September 9. The ceasefire stipulated by the US-Russia agreement came into force on September 12.


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      So, if I understand the situation correctly; The Syrian air force is not allowed to bomb the terrorists but the United States air force is allowed to bomb the Syrian military and the Russians are not allowed to bomb the so called moderate terrorists. What was the purpose of deploying the S400 systems in Syria. Just for looks? They are just getting dusty and covered by sand. This incident was a blatant act of assisting and supporting ISIS by US forces. It has been obvious to even the most uninformed person that the United States supports and assists terrorists and this notion of moderate forces is a smoke screen used to cover up the US's real intentions and objectives in Syria. This cease fire is a joke, the United States is using it to rearm terrorists and attack the Syrian military. Like I said in a previous post Obama is out to teach Putin a lesson, to humiliate Russia in the eyes of the international community. This is personal on Obama's part and he is calling Putin's bluff. Putin must now decide will he finish what he started or slink away back to Moscow leaving Syria to become just another colony of the US empire.
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      papimaloin reply toRuscino(Show commentHide comment)
      Ruscino, USAF is ISIS airforce, this is not the first episode of bombieng Syrian Army, so no miscalculation, this is done on purpose. They do not want any ceasefire, they want to keep the conflict ongoing so neither side will be able to attack Israel.
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      papimaloin reply topeaceactivist2(Show commentHide comment)
      peaceactivist2, I find this nauseating as well, agreed. My family fought fascism in WW2 and is having none of this shit.
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      papimaloin reply topeaceactivist2(Show commentHide comment)
      peaceactivist2, Russia hates war and is giving the empire an opportunity for a 'soft landing', but obviously nothing short of complete destruction of the Syrian state will satisfy them.
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      That is it! Create confusion, create chaos, and create doubts, as a means to undermine the organized and rational approaches of the Syrians and Russians to defeat the insurgency. The Russian and the Assad army are pissed off with the treacherous tactics of the master and imperialistic USA.

      The Russians as well as Assad forces are fed up of playing the good guys in this USA created conflict and the Americans are just using Machiavelli’s plans to frustrate the Russians and create division with Assad by killing Syrian soldiers. The solutions for these murderous tactics of the USA are to provide SAM missiles to the Assad regime.

      This is a deliberated tactic in conjunction with Israeli air attack in the Golan area to diversify the Syria air defence. They know perfectly well that the Russians want to finish this conflict on good terms, but the USA will not allow this happen. The USA wants Russian soldiers to be killed and pinned down in Syrian territory to perpetuate the bleeding of the Russian involvement in Syria.
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      Peter G.
      What the hell is going on?
      Is the Pentagon going to start a war on behalf the ISIS?
    • Korz53
      Ok... So where are the Syrian and or Russian Air defenses?!
      Maybe US can bomb the Kremlin and Russian MoD could confirm it too, as so as to show everybody it could see and confirm what US is doing any time and anywhere with its bombes & bombings, and satisfy curios..... i mean curiosity of peoples minds of what the US military is doing that is illegal.

      Russian MoD is very observant; It even observed the US NATO violation in Libya of the UN No Fly Zone by the US bombings of Libya and its murder of Gaddafi! That was nice. Keep watching !! & report. Thank You!
    • jande.jandein reply toPeter G.(Show commentHide comment)
      Peter G., yes.. that was the plan all along.
    • Korz53in reply tonshahhsh(Show commentHide comment)
      nshahhsh, That was shown in Libya; Did you just come back from Mars?
    • nshahhshin reply toKorz53(Show commentHide comment)

      Lol..! I presumed, u just passed ur English language papers right..!
    • Korz53in reply toPeter G.(Show commentHide comment)
      Peter G., You wrote "Pentagon going to start a war on behalf the ISIS?

      ». No; But accidental wars do happen. I think WW1 was one big accidental war that led to WW2 and so to WW3 eventualy. Domino effect .
    • avatar
      Peter G.in reply toKorz53(Show commentHide comment)
      Korz53, I cannot imagine that something like that is just an accident. Not really. Otherwise the participants on US side must be considered as on 3rd class level.
    • avatar
      an accident by design... a typical american ploy. america must leave Syria ...Just pack up and go. they are just trouble waiting to happen at every turn. wait and see it will not be long before the fighting returns to the state is was before the ceasefire only Syria and Russia will be worse off because the terrorists have been rearmed, remanned and rested
    • Matt
      As a one off it doesn't matter, ISIS are basically screwed.
    • Jammy
      This was no accident and if Russia plays along as if it was an accident then they and not just Putin will be seen as weak, seen as cowards and Russia itself will be open to attack if it does not give the keys to Mosco over to the bankers.

      Again tell me why Russia allowed Turkey to invade Syria a month ago because I get the feeling that Syria has been sold out and i am livid so better shut up
    • avatar
      jasin reply toMatt(Show commentHide comment)
      Matt, Yes. There is no way forward for the terrorists in Syria. They have lost. They and their neocons partners can't be tolerated because they are destroying stability the Middle East as well as in the EU.
    • avatar
      jasin reply tohopscotch64(Show commentHide comment)
      hopscotch64, I think that deal lasted for about 2 days and is officially terminated.
    • avatar
      The resistance alliance needs to end terrorism once and for all. No more ceasefires aka timeout for terrorists.
    • Korz53in reply toPeter G.(Show commentHide comment)
      Peter G., They are drunk, ambitious & greedy of the 1%er lunatics
    • Korz53in reply tonshahhsh(Show commentHide comment)
      nshahhsh, English American Grammar and language evolved as of your trip to Mars; How long were U there with the green red Martians. Are their patties ... I mean parties that good? That you stayed there so long as to miss a evolutionary burst on home Earth. Mr. Earthman.
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