01:23 GMT21 September 2020
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    Ankara should respect Russia's interests in Syria. If Turkish forces try to change the balance of power in northern Syria Moscow will be very concerned, a Turkish military expert told Sputnik.

    Earlier, the Turkish General Staff published a statement on its website announcing that the operation in Jarablus will continue. It started on August 24 and targets Daesh and Kurdish forces.

    According to security expert Metin Gurcan, Turkey should take into account Russia’s interests in the region.

    "Turkey is conducting ф well-planned military operation, in terms of strategy and diplomacy. Moscow was notified about the operation. However, Russia is sending a warning signal to Turkey. If Turkish forces advance on Manbij and al-Bab and try to change the balance of power there will be a serious concern for Russia," Gurcan told Spuntik.

    At the moment, Ankara has three possible scenarios it could choose from to protect its interests, he said.

    First, Turkey could establish a permanent military base in Jarablus. As a result, it would take control over the airspace in the region. Thus, Turkish forces would significantly weaken Kurdish forces.

    A permanent Turkish base would establish some kind of a power balance in the region because decentralized Kurdish units could unite and bolster their positions.

    Second, Turkey could establish a base, but without an aerial corridor. It would increase Turkey’s influence in northern Syria.

    Third, a headquarters of the Free Syrian Army could be established in Jarablus.

    "The way I see it, Turkey prefers the first scenario," the expert said.

    Gurcan suggested that Ankara persuaded Moscow and Washington not to create a single center of power controlled by Kurds in northern Syria. 

    "This means that instead of a center of power there will be several centers controlled by different armed groups. They are expected to maintain a certain balance. This will be the new strategy for northern Syria. I think that Kurds are starting to lose ground in northern Syria," he said.


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