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    In this photo taken on Monday, Aug. 15, 2016, a Russian Tu-22M3 bomber stands on the tarmac while another plane lands at an air base near Hamedan, Iran.

    Washington's Conundrum in Syria: Russia, Iran and China Team Up

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    Middle East
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    China’s recent announcement of an increase of its humanitarian support for the Syrian people and that it would provide additional training to the Syrian forces comes as a “headache for the US,” according to the American media.

    “As if the multi-party war in Syria weren’t complicated enough, it now appears that the People’s Republic of China has decided to take a more active role in the conflict, providing increased humanitarian assistance and possibly military training to Syrian forces,” says the New York-based news website The Fiscal News.

    The website notes that Beijing’s announcement comes just a day after Russia announced that it had launched strikes against Daesh from an airbase inside the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    “Combined, these two events create a major foreign policy conundrum for the Obama administration, as three of the countries, most resistant to the US on the global stage, appear to be teaming up against a non-state actor that has frustrated the US for years,” it further notes.

    This point of view is echoed by The New York Times, which says that Russia now has “the ability to strike from virtually all directions in a region where it has been reasserting its power — from Iran, from warships in the Caspian Sea, from its base in the Syrian coastal province of Latakia and now from the Mediterranean.”

    The newspaper however notes that the decision to fly the long-range bombers from Iran rather than from Moscow is even “far more important militarily”: if it continues, this “could result in a more devastating air war over a long period of time.”

    The outlet explains that “while both Russia and the US say they share the goal of defeating the Islamic State group (Daesh) in Syria, they are waging parallel but separate wars against the militant group while simultaneously backing opposite sides in the conflict between Russia’s ally, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, and his other opponents, including rebels backed by the US.”

    Meanwhile on Wednesday Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that he US has acknowledged that it has been unable to separate the opposition in Syria from terrorists.

    "Regrettably, our partners in fact acknowledged that they cannot do this," Lavrov said.

    "But we are not making a tragedy out of this. The directions of our work now allow switching to a coordinated and a more efficient cooperation in the fight against terrorists," Russia’s top diplomat added.

    Earlier in August Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov also said that the US was unprepared to separate terrorist organizations from the moderate opposition in Syria.

    “The Syrian government has embarked on the separation of terrorists from the moderate opposition and the civilians.. Our colleagues in Washington were not ready to do for political reasons, and did not intend to do throughout the past months in defiance of the signals and the promises they gave us,” Ryabkov added.

    Russian-US partnership in Syria cannot be genuine as long as Washington puts forward additional demands, according to the diplomat.

    “We have repeatedly drawn the Americans’ attention to the fact that after each successful round of closed negotiations and after reaching certain agreements, Washington begins putting forward additional requirements that violate the entire balance and prevent progress immediately afterward,” Ryabkov then said.

    He added that “there are regular Russia-US contacts along various lines. Both foreign and defense ministries are involved in these contacts.
    “We attribute as unflattering the assessments we hear from our American colleagues,” he said.

    “Washington has been completely inconsistent in its actions in Syria, putting forward demands to stop fighting terrorists as soon as the Syrian army has achieved real success in fight against terrorists”, Ryabkov said.

    As soon as the Syrian government and the armed forces have achieved, with Russian support, a real progress in the fight against terrorists, the Americans began to use unacceptable methods, demanding, in essence, the cessation of the fight against terrorists.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry made the promise to separate the groups as part of the understandings underlying the February 22 cease-fire, but never delivered on it.

    A central issue in the US-Russian cease-fire negotiations in February was the fact that the opposition groups supported by the CIA operate in close proximity to and full cooperation with units of al-Nusra Front.

    Last year the former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford (2010-2014), admitted that the Obama administration had long “looked the other way while the [al-]Nusra Front and armed groups on the ground, some of which are getting help from the US, have coordinated in military operations against the regime.”

    Now, backed with US weaponry, these same groups are a significant barrier to upcoming peace talks in Geneva.


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      a headache?,,,,more like doing them a favor and one day they will look back and see it as such
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      Who gives a Rats Ar$e what sk.um think .... !
    • No Name
      Ah what!? ;-) washington is pi**ed-off because Russia has air-forces in Iran?
      What#s the problem? Are the Russians disturbing the preparations of bombing Iran? :-))))
      Washinmgton shall better explain what#s with all that NATO-air-forces around Baltikum specially POLAND ;-)..
      But better NO, we have already the intelligent explanation (sic!) : they are there to stop a missile attack from... IRAN ;-).. Like the missile-systems in Eastern-Europe ;-)..
    • No Namein reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      "NATO is determined to make ..."
      It's made already :-) And Russia is the maid that cleans the garbage after the "noble guests" in "Hotel Middle-Orient" ;-)
    • No Namein reply toVictor S(Show commentHide comment)
      Victor S,
      ... ;-) And you cannot eliminate them from these "Olympics" because of doping-charges ;-)
    • No Namein reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      Well.. that's the problem: the rats doesn't think.
      Maybe you remember what Hillary Clinton had the pleasure to hear as she said about Putin that he has no soul :-))))
      Well... Putin answered: "But at least I have a BRAIN"...
    • No Name
      Don't talk to Washington before you splash their crap in Aleppo.
      Knock out the Al-Qaida, ISIS, "moderates" and all the rest of Ziocon-BS that is making trouble in Syria. Stop playing on the Washington's music, don't stop again by Aleppo, don't reach agreement, nothing! FINISH that f*king job there and after that they may bark like dogs when the Mishka-BEAR patrols in the middle of the main-street of the village ;-)
      And after that ... you may talk...
    • Mikhas
      That wouldn't create a problem for the UN and can only be considered a "problem" if you have malicious intentions which of course the US has.

      This is exactly the right moment for SCO to step in to prevent more USraeli instigated chaos.
    • Jammy
      The USA was not invited in to Syria and is breaking international law and the reason the UN does nothing is because they are all getting bribes from the bankers who wanted to steel some real estate from Syria to give to Israel.

      ISIS and wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya and Yemem plus Al-CIAda all lead back to 9/11 where building seven just fell down after they said "Pull it" so I know where i would attack if they want to carry on with these silly game.

      Welcome China and you will find safty in numbers because your on the american hit list too so welcome to the club.
    • Doug Bell
      Three things remain very clear about the American position. First and foremost, they see Russia as their greatest adversary! Second, although it's now on the back burner, regime change is still on the agenda! Third, by continuing to support regional terrorism, the United States desires to sow nothing but chaos and turmoil!
    • avatar
      armorin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, you've again said it: the Us of NA deserves as from now, to be called a 'regime'. The regime of DC .... How dare they call for so-called regime -change in so many countries? They are the gangsters, their regime should be changed for good. It is comforting to know that their power is in decline, they will have to show some humility, and start adjusting to the multi-polar world reality. For their own good. Finally free themselves from their bases around the world, save money, build-up capital...It's not for tomorrow, we know.
    • choticastilein reply toNo Name(Show commentHide comment)
      No Name, Had a good laugh at that one!!
    • choticastilein reply toarmor(Show commentHide comment)
      armor, Let's hope it starts with a miracle happening with the US elections.... Imagine a sane clear thinking common sense American suddenly appears on the scene and the people back him to the hilt ... he becomes the first genuine US president in yonks! Pie in the sky -- can hope and dream can't I?
    • avatar
      armorin reply tochoticastile(Show commentHide comment)
      choticastile, yes, we can hope and dream, I also believe it is possible that they can have a President whom all the people can back to the hilt, as you said, in other words the equivalent of the well-loved and respected Pres. Putin. Miracles do happen, all the time.
    • choticastilein reply toarmor(Show commentHide comment)
      armor, Yes they do... sometimes the nefarious autocratic actions of those bent on ruling the world by hook and by crook (not or) -- as these cretins operate both sides of the coin, pitting even brother against brother to achieve the goal they're determined to foist on mankind.

      But.... the good news is that much as they would like to control all global news media and abuse the world with their constant stream of bold faced lies, their inhuman treatment and arrogant unilateral invasions, naturally began to spawn resentment, which developed into hatred and then resistance followed and with it, the birth of the alternative media -- fledgling in the beginning, many were shutdown or bigger ones subjected to hostile takeovers by the big boys. Owners even got murdered -- a famous murder is the one of Andrew Breitbart, who was about to expose matters which you can research, but I prefer not to discuss here. However, we are the many and the cabal the few, including but despite their massive global network octopus! The internet mushroomed genuinely independent media and soon the cat was out the bag... like trying to put the genie back in the bottle... Please read this very interesting piece by Peter Koenig and you will see that hope springs as eternal as you said -- miracles didn't just happen in olden times-- miracles are not old fashioned garbage -- they still happen to this day and when Satan's best laid plans are still laid waste, I call it the eternal effervescence of miracles ...

      Here is a short extract:

      ".....People have increasingly access to alternative sources of news and information, and ever more people gradually start seeing the Big Lie of the controlled media, the propaganda that confuses their minds – and serves the 0.001%."

      Enjoy on this rainy cold night... Rain very welcome! Big hugs.
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      Regulain reply toNo Name(Show commentHide comment)
      No Name, That is what the missile system was set up for in Eastern Europe: to attack Iran. It means the US will oblige NATO to help the US fight for hegemony by destroying Iran. Which is why the US is so pissed with Russia using a base in Iran: it means Russia will defend Iran and the US cannot attack Iran without starting WW3. China understood the game and now enters the war in Syria - i.e. the defense of Iran. That keeps Iran intact. The US cannot risk WW3 against both, Russia and China. Both have weapons that can get past the US missile defense shield.
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      ViTranin reply toNo Name(Show commentHide comment)
      No Name, What and Hitlery has a soul ... lol !
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      The reason why countries come closer to Russia and China is because they have a plan to improve the lives of their people to the betterment of the whole world; whereas the exceptional state has a plan to destroy any country that does not do what the former superpower dictates.
    • Anton KOMAROV
      finally the USA is learning what it should have realised after the debacle of Veitnam.You cannot control all the world.Good to see that the chief actors in Syria etc.are not after control like the USA but want to actually resolve the issues involved.
    • avatar
      Well yes, Washington has a conundrum with Russia having access to Iranian bases and China entering the war in Syria to train soldiers. India also wants to help. That means - all the countries that will take part in the Asian trade integration - the One Belt One Road silk road project of China to integrate trade of all of Eurasia. The US tried every trick to destroy that integration. Russia, China and India are also members of he BRICKS which the US makes every effort to destroy. But with the alliance between these countries the Asian Pivot is all but futile. It means that the US cannot invade or destabilize Iran without starting WW3 and it cannot start a war on China in the South China using the Asia Pacific countries as proxies without starting WW3 as no matter what the hostility by the US, it will result in defense alliance by Russia, China Iran and India. That is indeed a blow to the US foreign policy: it all but aborted it. The US tried hard to draw out the war in Syria to preserve the war on terror for the next president. And that may not be possible now anymore. Russia will take the lead, supported by China and Iran and Hezbollah and possibly India as well. The US cannot fight that coalition. Beyond that, it is a clear statement by the Asian nations to push back against the US hegemony and preserve their independence and the US has two choices: either to join the silk road trade or get sidelined. The solution of destroying the integration was just eliminated.
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