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    In this June 14, 2015 file photo taken from the Turkish side of the border between Turkey and Syria, in Akcakale, Sanliurfa province, southeastern Turkey, thousands of Syrian refugees walk in order to cross into Turkey

    Turkish Border Guards Open Fire at Kurdish Refugees, Kill One, Injure Two

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    Middle East
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    One Kurdish refugee was killed. two other were wounded on the border between Syria and Turkey, after Turkish border guards opened fire, according to local media.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Turkish border guards opened fire at the Kurdish refugees trying to escape from the war in Syria, killing one of them and injuring two others, local media reported Sunday.

    The incident is said to have occurred on Saturday midnight.

    "The victims were trying to cross the border into Turkey after escaping the Qelika village in the Kurdish Afrin district. But the merciless Turkish forces shot them, killing a 35-year-old man and injuring at least two others… Those unarmed civilians were trying to find a safe haven after fleeing Afrin where radical Islamists continue to bombard Kurdish villages and towns. However, the brutality of the Turkish forces has apparently exceeded that of terrorist groups in Syria," Walida Hassan, the head of Human Rights Commission in Cezire canton in northern Syria, was quoted as saying by the ARA News Kurdish media outlet.

    She added that the Kurds were demanding that the international community intervene in order to stop Turkish violations of basic human rights.

    Kurds are Syria’s largest ethnic minority, also populating parts of Turkey, Iran and Iraq. Since the eruption of the civil war in Syria, the Kurds have been permanently targeted by terrorist groups such as the Daesh terror group, outlawed in Russia and many other countries worldwide.


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      And the OLD MANURE MAN, saying that all ex Soviet states are BETTER under NATO and E.U , because NATO is responsible and overlook their members behavior, unlike RUSSIA. REALLY?
      NATO is DOING crimes against HUMANITY. Where is BAN KI MOON?
    • Atmoran
      Now imagine if any European country border guards do the same. Just imagine. Yet the bureaucratic treturous rats in Brussels are once again blind and deaf for what Turkistan is doing.
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      ozcanerdonmezin reply toAtmoran(Show commentHide comment)

      The West prefers to massacre by invasions and bombings abroad. As if that is somehow less inhumane.
    • Atmoranin reply toozcanerdonmez(Show commentHide comment)

      Yes, because you have not invaded Cyprus, and never violated Iraqi and Syrian border with troops. And that's just the past 2,3 years. Don't even start me about your recent, not so recent and whole history. Your among the last people to be speaking about massacres. No matter how hard you try to deny them.

      Or because you are not so desperate to be seen as part of the west. West so bad for turks these days? Okay, leave NATO and forget about the EU. But it's not going to happen, right? That's called hypocrisy. Or maybe try to explain this to the million of turks throughout the whole EU. Double hypocrisy right there.
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      ozcanerdonmezin reply toAtmoran(Show commentHide comment)

      Why are you attacking me personally? And why are you denying western invasions, massacres and barbarism?

      Have I personally invaded or supported the invasion of Cyprus? Have I personally invaded the Arab world and Eastern Europe? Or were they Ottomans? Prejudice is a very bad thing. I truly don't give a sh*t about Turkey or the West or any other country in the world. To me, they all belong to the same homo barbaricus species, i.e. the same sh*t. Unlike you, I have no allegiance whatsoever to any race, religion or nationality in the world.

      As everyone can see from your response to me, it is not me who is denying Turkey's atrocities throughout history, it is you who is denying western atrocities and hypocrisy.

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