15:26 GMT23 April 2021
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    State-owned media outlet TRT TV channel has been retaken by the Erdogan government after being seized earlier in the evening by leaders of a military coup against Turkey's government.

    News anchors for TRT said they were held hostage by leaders of the military coup and were forced to read statements from the anti-Erdogan forces, under gunpoint. Earlier in the evening, anti-Erdogan military forces said that they had taken complete control of the government seizing the bridges, airport, and media stations.

    The anti-Erdogan forces said via TRT that the government was being run by a "Peace Council" and that a new Constitution would be read before the day's end. However, after making this statement the military forces have since opened fire on civilians using rifles, tanks, and helicopters to put down pro-Erdogan protesters.


    The TRT news channel's social media account was freed from control of the coup leaders long before the television station, with tweets being released on Friday evening under #failedcoup, mocking what the TRT news station referred to as Gulenists among the military's rank-and-file.

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