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    This is What Can Replace Oil in the Future

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    Medicinal herbs may soon replace oil in a country’s economic structure, Iranian news agency Mehr reported citing Sakineh Kohansal Vajargah, a member of a team of university researchers in the country’s northeastern South Khorasan Province.

    Dr. Kohansal Vajargah told the agency that, in view of the province’s arid nature, much attention should be paid to collecting seeds of rare plants, domesticating plants and growing plants in greenhouses.

    By choosing the right action plan and making use of drought-proof plants will significantly facilitate the production of medicinal herbs, he emphasized.

    Sakineh Kohansal Vajargah also noted that, despite the recurrent droughts of the past few years, growing medicinal herbs could become a lucrative business and crate many new jobs in the province.

    He said the biggest problem now was market instability, which forced producers to sell raw, unprocessed plants.

    “We need to  make maximum use of our potential. Calendula is ideal plant for arid South Khorastan. Looking after a single  such plot would provide four full-time jobs a year compared to just one job oil and gas companies can offer,” Sakineh Kohansal Vajargah added.


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      Indian herbs are profoundly transformative, in my experience, especially ashwarghanda and cumin seed oil extract, which havevastly improved my endurance, strength, skin, nails and hair. In particular, cumin seed oil extract has ended for me altogether the odd phenomenon of my right hip joint popping out and in. It really works. Ashwarghanda has always done wonders for physical endurance and lending thickness and internally-generated darkness to hair.

      My great fear is for governments in collusion with Big Pharma patenting then getting classified all these many vitamins and herbal remedies as only available by prescription thus driving the prices for them into inaccessibility to the masses. Patenting also leads to clandestine weeding out of specific species of plants which are of health-assisting value (as opposed to "of medicinal value.").

      More Americans are killed by a factor of five by their prescription drugs than are killed by firearms each and every year. Please see the Website www.overdoseday.com Clonopin and opioid drugs in particular are vicious killing drugs of nearly all age groups with th emajority of deaths due not to recreational abuse but to simply following the doctors' orders!
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