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    The Iraqi Army has finally liberated the city of Fallujah from Daesh in a historical victory. Member of the Council of Anbar province, Tah Abdel Ghany, spoke to Sputnik about the army’s successful operation.

    For over two years, the city of Fallujah was under the tyranny of Daesh.  The civilians were exposed to horrors such as starvation, torture and executions. People were getting publically executed for false accusations such as “conspiracy with the authorities” and “spying for the army.”

    In an interview with Sputnik, Tah Abdel Ghany stressed that the city of Fallujah is finally completely freed from Daesh.

    “All nooks and lanes of the city where the terrorists are hiding are being stripped down by the security forces of the country and soon they will be fully liberated,” Abdel Ghany said.

    He further said that some of the terrorists are hiding in Al Jolan region but they will be eradicated soon.

    A source in Iraq's security structure told Sputnik that the armed forces of the country in the past two days liberated territory of over 60 km to the north of Fallujah.

    “Right now the military gear is being used to attack the terrorists in al-Jolan, which has been turned into a time bomb because of the amount of mined houses and roads, as well as because of the hidden Daesh snipers,” the source said.

    According to him, the militants moved their command post to the area of Arzakiya, northwest of Fallujah. Thus, making it their last stronghold, as it will be liberated after Al-Jolan.

    At the same time, the militants cannot escape, since around Fallujah the Iraqi Armed Forces built a ring together with the people's militia, thus trapping the terrorists inside.

    It should be noted that it will be more difficult to liquidate Daesh from Arzakiya because of the large number of gardens with trees and tunnels in the town which provide shelter to terrorists and complicate the process of liberation.

    For that reason, the security forces decided to establish such a blockade.

    Sputnik has received exclusive footage of the Iraqi Army during the battle for the southern district of Amiriyat Fallujah.

    The first video shows how the army is in full battle with Daesh as there is a powerful exchange of fire going on from the tanks.

    The second video shows 100 cars and over a dozen motorcycles driving through the streets of the city at night with raised national flags, celebrating victory.

    The footage shows people playing loud music in their cars, honking and congratulating each other on the monumental victory over Daesh.


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