18:29 GMT05 December 2020
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    In the hospital called “Ibn Sina” located in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, Daesh members are filling up one quarantined room. These militants are infected with HIV and their numbers are rising, a source in the hospital told Sputnik.

    A source in Mosul hospital, who asked to remain anonymous, said that currently there are 23 people infected with HIV in Daesh’s ranks.

    According to the source’s data, about a year ago on August 23, 2015, three patients of Asian origin were reported positive with HIV. Today this number has reached 23 people. Recently, the hospital received six young newcomers, who recently joined Daesh.

    “Daesh forbids the hospital staff of Ibn Sina to enter the room where those infected with AIDS are located. Most of these mercenaries are of Asian origin. Only foreign doctors who work for Daesh come to visit these patients,” the source added.

    Local media and journalists have repeatedly accused Daesh militants of engaging in same-sex relations and raping teenagers, despite the fact that these terrorists have not once executed people by throwing them from the roof on sodomy charges.

    According to the hospital’s doctors, that could be a reason why HIV is spreading among the militants.

    The source further explained that the militants have taken over a separate medical center in the hospital where they are providing the infected patients with chemotherapy.

    According to another source in Mosul, Daesh used to push prisoners of war from the roof, declaring them to be homosexual at a time when it could not find evidence of them being spies for the security forces and the government.


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