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    The Syrian Army plans to advance on the city of Deir ez-Zor in the country’s east, the last large Syrian city completely blocked by Daesh jihadists. In its analysis of the upcoming operation, Russian online newspaper Vzglyad says the success of the operation in Deir ez-Zor may be seen in the same light as the liberation of Palmyra.

    “The Syrian Army along with its allies are preparing for a broad military operation in the direction of Deir ez-Zor (also spelled Deir Ezzor) from the direction of Palmyra. It will begin within the next few days as soon as preparations are complete,” an informed source told Sputnik on Wednesday.

    In its analysis of the upcoming operation, Russian online newspaper Vzglyad compares it with the operation which liberated the ancient city of Palmyra.

    “This is not such a long road (from Palmyra to Deir ez-Zor), besides there are mostly light mobile squads of terrorists operating on the ground and the aerial support of Russian combat helicopters will be enough to destroy those,” the newspaper says.

    However the takeover of the city will lift the blockade and this is the last large Syrian city which is still in the complete grip of the jihadists.

    What is even more important, the newspaper says, is that the linkup with the military station in Deir ez-Zor will help with the struggle to free Raqqa.

    And afterwards there will be no need for the military offensive on Daesh positions in Raqqa with the engagement of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces and the US-led coalition.

    The fall of Daesh’s northern capital (how Raqqa is often referred to) will be just a matter of time, and the available government military forces could be then sent to different parts of the front.

    The repeat of the operation, similar to the one in Palmyra, will enhance the prestige of the Syrian government army, especially as there is currently no progress near Aleppo.

    Besides, unlike in Aleppo, the assault on Deir ez-Zor does not require a considerable number of military units and equipment.

    The area is quite small, and the fighting is taking place in a small agricultural zone near the Euphrates. Light mobile squads of terrorists from time to time retreat deep into the desert on their improvised fighting vehicles, with mounted machine guns, moistly to patrol the oil fields, some technical settlements and crossroads.

    To battle these squads, the Syrian army will need the aerial support of the Russian Aviation, however it should not follow the example of previous US operations which used bomber aircraft worth $1.5 billion to chase a single fighting vehicle.

    The outlet suggests, these could be the reasons why the Syrian army is taking so long to plan the operation on Deir ez-Zor, as it is quite hesitant to advance on the desert without some serious aerial support.

    And it is quite reasonable, the newspaper says. The looming hope for peace forces the Syrian generals to place more value on the lives of their servicemen who want to live after the victory is achieved.

    Syria’s top military commanders are not just blind puppets, the newspaper argues, they deliberately choose the tactics which they consider more forward-looking.

    However, if the announced offensive does take place in the coming days, the outlet says, it will be a serious victory of reasoning over emotions.

    Nowadays, there is no hurry; there is no need for rushing into the so-called Daesh capitals, spending valuable resources while at the same time inciting criticism from the “international community.”

    The jihadists won’t last long on their own resources without external support, even though they are still in control of some parts of the civilian population who voluntarily signed up to Daesh’s dream, the newspaper finally states.


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