05:13 GMT25 February 2021
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    EgyptAir MS804 Passenger Jet Disappears Over Mediterranean Sea (67)

    Russian earth remote sensing satellites will carry out a survey of an area in the Mediterranean Sea where the EgyptAir flight MS804 went missing, the head of Russia's space corporation Roscosmos department of automatic space systems, Valery Zaichko, said Friday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Flight MS804 disappeared from radar screens 10 miles into Egyptian airspace early on Thursday. The plane departed from the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at 23:09 GMT the day before. The aircraft was heading for Cairo International Airport. According to the airline, there were a total of 66 people on board the plane, including 56 passengers.

    Earlier in the day, spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces Mohammad Samir confirmed to Sputnik that the wreckage of crashed EgyptAir flight MS804 had been located in the Mediterranean.

    "We will carry out the survey. There should be not one, but several debris pieces, life rafts and life jackets at the site of the supposed crash. Also, there may be spots from oil and fuel spills. There is an entire set of interpretive signs which can help determine whether a catastrophe took place in one place or another," Zaichko said in an interview with the Life television channel.

    Images to be obtained by Roscosmos will be sent to the Russian National Crisis Management Center for analysis, he added, noting that the first images would be taken on Friday.

    EgyptAir MS804 Passenger Jet Disappears Over Mediterranean Sea (67)


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