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    Civilians walk in the rain past a damaged building in the rebel-controlled area of Maaret al-Numan town in Idlib province, Syria October 28, 2015

    In the Line of Fire: Inside Look Into Dangerous Daily Life in Syria's Idlib

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    Al-Nusra Front terrorists are allegedly pulling forces into the direction of Idlib and its suburbs Kyafriya and al-Foy. They have been shelling civilians for over a year making their lives a living hell. RT’s correspondent went to meet with the civilians who have fallen victim to this shelling.

    “My daughter was waiting for her firstborn when a mine exploded near her. She was shell-shocked and could not move. Then it was time for her to give birth and her son was born. But just after 5 hours he died,” citizen of al-Foy Shahzman al-Yusef said.

    “We inhaled a lot of gas. It reminded me of chlorine. We ourselves were feeling ill so what is there to say about the baby. We tried to find gas masks and we applied gauze soaked in water to the baby’s face, so he could not breathe in the gas. I myself could not stand the smell and lost consciousness,” al-Yousef further said.

    Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that a group of some 80 militants from the al-Nusra Front terror group has crossed into Syria’s northern Idlib province from Turkey.

    Mustafa Yassin is another citizen who was talking to the correspondent from his hospital bed. He was shot by a sniper when he went out into his garden. “We ask all those who can influence the situation to help the people of al-Foy. We have a very difficult situation with food and medicine,” he said.

    About 250 people were evacuated from al-Foy and Kyafrii. Mostly the wounded, sick people and those accompanying them managed to seek refuge. But some have been unable to leave their homes. For them, getting out of their houses to even get groceries is a struggle between life and death.

    RT’s correspondent met a wounded citizen, Osama Zein al-Abidine, who said, “I went out to buy my child food to eat and I was hit by a sniper. Fortunately, kids from our area helped me. They brought me to the hospital. Now I am recovering.”

    There has been humanitarian assistance to the affected areas by the international, government and regional organizations.

    In addition, residents of al-Foy and Kyafrii are provided with housing in Latakia. Despite the difficult conditions, lack of food and medicine, the people of the besieged suburbs of Idlib are not going to give in to the militants. They say that they will stand their ground until the very last moment although they are hoping that help is coming to them soon.


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