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    Future at Risk: 'Syrian Rebel Groups Preparing for New Round of War'

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    Several Syrian rebel groups unleashed a wide-scale offensive in northwestern and central Syria on Monday.

    In a corresponding statement the leaders of about a dozen armed factions announced the formation of a so-called “joint operation room” to coordinate new attacks on government forces.

    The statement came just hours after the chief negotiator of the Syrian opposition delegation in Geneva called to ignore the months-long ceasefire and resume the fighting.

    Following the announcement, there were reports that rebels launched a fierce attack against the Syrian army in Latakia province and made separate advances in nearby Hama. The recent development casts further doubt on the future of fragile peace talks due to resume in Geneva and any possibility of a peace resolution to the years-long crisis.

    Earlier on Monday, a representative of the Syrian opposition group, High Negotiations Committee, told Sputnik that a new round of talks might not yield any results.

    In particular, he said that there’s still a gap between the Syrian government and the country’s opposition regarding the understanding of political transition in the country.

    Syria’s opposition groups are not interested in a political resolution of the crisis, said Dr. Taleb Ibrahim, Deputy Director of the Damascus Center for International and Strategic Studies, in an interview with Radio Sputnik.

    According to him the future of Geneva talks lies in the hands of Russia and the United States.

    ”Syrian rebel groups were preparing for a new round of the war and we have witnessed that in nearby Aleppo, Latakia and Damascus those men don’t believe in political solution, they believe only in war and they are still gambling the future of Syria as they want only power and military action in the country.”

    Ibrahim further spoke about how there are some countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Israel that are supporting these rebel groups in Syria and how their only aim is to topple Assad. He said that these countries just want to impede any political resolution in Syria by implementing military power in the country.

    Looking at the future of this conflict, Ibrahim said that two countries can play a vital role in the resolution of Syrian conflict.

    "The agreement between Russia and the United States is the most important thing."

    The analyst further spoke about the role Russia and the United States play in settling the crisis in Syria.


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