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    Free Syrian Army fighters carry a weapon during what they said was preparations for an operation to strike at forces loyal to Syria's president Bashar Al-Assad in order to break a siege on the city of Beit Gin located in western countryside of Damascus in Deraa, Syria September 30, 2015

    Oops! Obama Makes Pentagon and CIA Clash in Syria

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    Clashes between militia groups trained by the CIA and the Pentagon are intensifying in Syria.

    President Barack Obama is to blame for these incidents, journalist Rick Moran wrote in an article for American Thinker.

    He says that the US leader has demonstrated weakness in his policy on Syria.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, in February a CIA-armed militia called Knights of Righteousness was run out of the town of Marea by Pentagon-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

    "If anything demonstrates the incompetence, futility, and danger of the president's policy in Syria, it's this almost comic clash between fighters trained by two separate wings of our national security apparatus," the author wrote.

    According to Moran, the embarrassing situation resulted from Washington’s unwillingness to support the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA). The US feared that supporting the FSA would require ground troops and would force Russia to intervene.

    In late-2011, Syrian government forces were close to losing the war, and Daesh did not enter the conflict. If at the time, the US had supplied the FSA with weapons they would have been able to end the war, according to the author.

    "But Clinton-Obama played it safe and now we are presented with a Gordian Knot that appears hopelessly tangled. Each strand that is unraveled leads to another strand tightening," Moran underscored.

    "I don't envy the next president who has to manage the slaughter to keep it from spilling over Syria's borders and further embroil the region in conflict," he concluded.


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    • Lubos Vokoun
      "In late-2011, Syrian government forces were close to losing the war"
      From what parallel universe did he get this information?
    • avatar
      I think that the Pentagon rules and sets policy over the president since Eisenhower left office. So within the government you have opposing bodies.
    • avatar
      Syria close to losing the war in 2011? What a stupid article.
    • avatar
      rasojin reply tobeydety(Show commentHide comment)
      beydety, Of course it's stupid, it's from a mainstream US author. What do you expect?
    • avatar
      Thanks for letting me know not to read the original article. What BS.
    • avatar
      The article contains a spelling error: the author's name is Rick Моrоn. In 2011, while the SAA was regrouping, it was far from loosing the war. As far as supplying the FSA weapons, they were getting plenty of weapons, from Qatar, KSA, Turkey....and the CIA including training. The problem was these countries were equipping and training a bunch of opportunists and local war lords - these sorts an effect army does not make.

      This whole article is nothing more than an attempt to pin blame on Obama for what was never an effective, cohesive opposition. This whole debacle must be laid at the feet of the US Neocons.....along with the disaster that still is Libya, as well as all the social turmoil. destruction and loss of life that occurred in Egypt, Tanzania, and Mali - Not to mention all the weapons that some of these events diverted to Boko Haram and the resulting carnage.
    • basho
      american thinker = oxymoron
    • avatar
      jasin reply todvdgrg09(Show commentHide comment)
      dvdgrg09, Looks like Moran needs to do some more thinking on this. It's typical Ziocon propaganda spin.
    • avatar
      Come on. The CIA and Pentagon sit in the same room and write the script for these video games for these Jihadi robos...even a child can see that.
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