14:19 GMT29 September 2020
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    Russian Jets Withdraw From Syria (72)

    After the pullout of its forces from Syria, Russia has emerged as the winner in the process that ended with a ceasefire, Camille Grand, director of the Foundation for Strategic Research, said answering questions from Le Monde.

    According to the analyst, Russia announced the withdrawal from Syria after President Vladimir Putin achieved its goal, including stabilizing the government of Bashar Assad and designated Moscow’s role in Middle Eastern talks.

    "I think that Russia has emerged as the winner in the process which ended with a ceasefire and pullout of forces," Grand underscored.

    At the same time he noted that there is no consensus over the ceasefire among all parties involved in the Syrian crisis.

    Supporters of the so-called moderate Syrian opposition, including Gulf monarchies and Turkey, have supported the ceasefire without enthusiasm.

    At the same time, Assad’s allies, Russia and Iran have reached their goals in supporting the Syrian government. Assad is still in power and would play one of the key roles in the Syrian talks, Grand noted.

    Grand further stressed that the Syrian crisis has involved a number of rival forces and their foreign supporters, and a political solution is needed to prevent escalation in Syria.

    "In the context of the current fragile ceasefire a political solution is crucial before any attempts of a ground invasion. If the real political process started a peacemaking operation would be possible. It would prevent any new combat actions," the analyst explained.

    He also warned that a full-fledged boots-on-the-ground operation by Western countries may involve serious risks and negative consequences and would finally play into the hands of Daesh. 

    Russian Jets Withdraw From Syria (72)


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