17:45 GMT +326 February 2017
    Portrait of President Bashar al-Assad on the Bank of Syria building in Damascus.

    'We Stand for Unity': Damascus Opposes Federalization, Partition of Syria

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    Middle East
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    Syria's leadership opposes the partition of the republic and does not support the idea of the country's federalization, Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said Saturday.

    DAMASCUS (Sputnik) — On Friday, UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura said that Syria's federalization could be one of the issues discussed at the upcoming peace talks in Geneva.

    "I tell you as a Syrian citizen: we are against the idea of federalization. We stand for the unity of Syria's territory and its public," the minister said at a press conference in Damascus.

    Russia has been repeatedly saying that reserving Syria's territorial integrity was a critically important issue for the majority of states taking part in the process to settle the Syrian crisis.

    Last month, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Moscow would support the establishment of a federal republic in Syria if the Syrians themselves decided that that is what is best for their country.

    In February, Russia and the United States reached an agreement on the cessation of hostilities in Syria. The ceasefire took effect on February 27. The agreement does not apply to groups operating in Syria that are designated as terrorist organizations by the United Nations.

    Even before the ceasefire was implemented, Washington had expressed skepticism about the successful implementation of the agreement, warning that violations would likely occur that may necessitate reverting to a Plan B for Syria that could include the partitioning of the country.


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      So this world has nonpnternational laws! The more evil nation ban invade, rule, and divide a powerless ones at will? I thought this jungle behavior happen only some 100 years ago or so.
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      Russia is there to keep Syria intact. Obama MUST walk on cat feet. The reaction may be very unexpected. U.S U.K , E.U been platyng a game, of regime changes to re live U.S WW2 Glory days.
      I think they will govern nothing, and reconstruct nothing, nor enslave Syrian's with loan burden's.
      So there is no Gorbachev to save NATO, like in Afghanistan. Where Russia brought jammers etc, and was obliterating Mujaheddin. They went JETTING to Gorbachev that promised to end the carnage. Much like Kerry did with Lavrov. Bet they would love to see Lavrov as president in a Russian coup.
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      The shadows of former colonial agenda is still working, even at the UN. These methods of colonial thinking with reorganising something that already is intact, never seem to have vanished away. Centuries ago this was usual, when the western generals of whatever imperial greedy country, just took the maps and drew lines, dividing tribes and initiating chaos to further escalate tensions, whereby these circumstances were finally planted on the population/citizens as personal character.......: these Arabs! these Africans! These Asians! These Slavics!
      Only citizens of their own country have the right to decide. I thought that was written into laws long time ago.
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      Excellent, very clear article sana.sy/en/?p=71758
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      Only very advanced nations can be structured in a federal form. All other forms of government are outdated and are designed to explode sooner or later in armed clashes. History teaches.

      Только очень развитые страны могут быть структурированы в федеральной форме. Все другие формы правления являются устаревшими и предназначены, чтобы взорваться рано или поздно в ходе вооруженных столкновений. История учит.
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      bangein reply toptcjm(Show commentHide comment)
      ptcjm, it is even written in one of UN resolution " territorial integrity of Syria must be respected" is de mustara a responsible negotiator?? no because if he was so, he should have listen to the two parties and help them come to an agreement together. But de mustara should not impose any term to syria. The regime did not fall, so it has all the right to decide about its people not the west or UN. Syrian dont even know what is federalization, please do not bring that , if they want it , they will decide
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      bange, hopefully, it's going to be in accordance with the UN resolution. Otherwise the UN competence in understanding written language and applying it to reality is overestimated.
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