07:02 GMT07 March 2021
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    YPG spokesperson Redor Khalil said that syrian opposition fighters have shelled the Kurdish-controlled Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood of Aleppo using white phosphorus munitions.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Syrian opposition fighters have shelled the Kurdish-controlled Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood of Aleppo using white (or yellow) phosphorus munitions, Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) spokesperson Redor Khalil said Tuesday.

    "Today, on March 8, a bombardment involving chemical weapons believed to contain yellow phosphorus, occurred in the Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood," Khalil's Facebook account said, adding that the attack may have been carried out by the Islamist Ahrar ash-Sham group, among other opposition groups.

    Ahrar ash-Sham, as well as other terrorist groups, including the Nusra Front, has been excluded from the Russian and US-back ceasefire deal. The ceasefire took effect at midnight on February 27, Damascus time.

    On Monday, the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation reported 8 clashes across Syria within the past 24 hours, which included the shelling of residential areas in the Idlib province by Ahrar ash-Sham.

    Ahrar ash-Sham and the Nusra Front, which is al-Qaeda's branch in Syria, have been designated as terrorist organizations by several countries, including Syria, Russia and Egypt. YPG, which has held the Sheikh Maqsood neighbourhood for most of the Syrian civil war, has engaged in multiple clashes with both groups.


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