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    A Turkish soldier gestures while standing on the hill overlooking damaged buildings following heavy fighting between government troops and Kurdish fighters in the Kurdish town of Cizre in southeastern Turkey, which lies near the border with Syria and Iraq, on March 2, 2016

    Saudi-Turkish Trick: What Are the Two Scheming in Syria?

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    Middle East
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    Even though both Turkey and Saudi Arabia could find themselves in a “highly combustible situation” in Syria if they decide to send in their ground troops, the two nevertheless “seem more than willing to get directly engaged.” It is definitely not about Daesh, says foreign policy expert Salman Rafi Sheikh, so what is the real reason?

    “The officially and un-officially sponsored popular contention that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are aiming at sending ground troops to Syria out of the fear of Islamic State (Daesh) hitting them is merely an illusion that has no practical substance,” Salman Rafi Sheikh, research-analyst of International Relations and Pakistan’s foreign and domestic affairs writes in his article for the New Eastern Outlook website.

    “The illusion of an anti-IS (Daesh) Saudi-Turk military intervention in Syria is, therefore, only a trick that they are using for deceiving the world generally and their public specifically into believing the ‘righteousness’ of the cause they are fighting for,” he furthermore states.

    It is an “open secret” that both Turkey and Saudi Arabia always opposed Assad’s rule in Syria. Therefore, the author writes, if direct military intervention ever takes place, it will certainly be directed against Assad’s forces rather than IS (Daesh) or any other Gulf-supported terrorist outfit.

    However, he adds, there is another reason for their engagement in the fight.

    “Saudi Arabia and Turkey seem to be preparing the plan to deliberately escalate the conflict in Syria as a means to put Iran into an uneasy geo-strategic position and thereby force it to re-direct its resources to fighting the war it cannot virtually afford to go astray; for, the survival of Syria as an ally of Iran in the Middle East is crucial for Iran’s standing as a regional power,” the expert explains.

    The loss of Syria would weaken Iran’s position in Lebanon, he adds, and thereby further “compromise its position vis-à-vis Israel as well as its “Sunni” rivals.

    The collapse of the Geneva talks has only provided the House of Saud and the ‘House of Erdogan’ with a supposedly ‘legitimate’ excuse to send troops to Syria to face off against Iran — a country they have been unable to defeat at the diplomatic level for a number of years already, Salman Rafi Sheikh explains.

    Iran’s return to the international community undermines Saudi Arabia’s aspirations for regional supremacy.

    “That said, it is not unthinkable that Saudi Arabia’s immediate decision to break off relations with Iran and prod their Arab and African allies into taking similar action was driven by their apprehension towards the economic and political re-emergence of Iran following the enforcement of the nuke-deal.”

    While Turkey may not feel so ‘alarmed’ at Iran’s re-emergence after years of isolation, it certainly is at odds with Tehran due to the latter’s full support for Assad and its own inability to carve Syria into different “zones” to shield itself against the prospects of a stronger and united Kurdish nation and its demand for an independent and sovereign Kurdistan.

    However, the expert warns that any direct intervention into the country without the authorization of Syria’s incumbent government will be a “recipe for disaster” as it will greatly transform the Syrian ‘civil war’ into a much wider regional conflagration.


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    • A = π r 2
      obvious really - why would either of them seek to eliminate something that is serving their foreign policy ends?
      I think this an accurate assessment.
    • avatar
      he forgot to mention other motives. well..this is easy to comprehend,
      But IF we believe Mr Kennedy, It was when Syria refused to allow the Qatar pipe to go thru.
      Me I doubt that, since, cash transit etc would had achieve same results.
      I strongly believe was about the Geopolitical games of west. The 4. U.S, U.K, France , Germany.
      They wanted to control Syria. Like they did to Iraq.
      According to the maps, it covers deep inland from the coast of Syria. And well into the ocean on front.
      Iran? Everyone knows Iran is in the list that a U.S Gen, Clark mentioned that he saw. Long ago.
      However, he forgot to mention Russia. That could get into a regional war. Russia alone, can end Turkey, Saudi and all unions there by itself, without nukes.
      To that effect, Russia MUST speed up and prepare for what seems inevitable. ARM them FAST. Iran should get it's S 300 FASTER. SU 30, MIG 29 modernized. T 90 tanks. And way more. Russia may get a base in Iran IF possible.

      When the rumble begin, and NATO see that Syria well armed, Iran could contain both Saudi and Turkey, and that Russia is patrolling, everyone will find excuses to go away. Iran can fight. And the old F14's could be renewed. Or Russia could buy them for training in Russia. Why not?
      Russia can also bring S 400 run by Russia into Iran. This will turn both Syria and Iran into Juggernauts. And could prevent a major regional war. where probably Russia will have to intervene directly IF not well prepared.
      Israel should be very careful.
      NOT to get on the wrong foot with Russia.
    • Alabama Mothman
      These are not military geniuses, so, anything they do is bound to go down in flames. Literally.
    • avatar
      It is said the idle minds are the devil's tools, and that should explain the secret intrigues of the "House of Saud." When it comes to Turkey, it can be best described as 'addled minds are the devil's tools.' They are, both, what happens when you let children play with matches.
    • Mikhas
      I mean look at the battle experience of these jihadist clowns. Saudi Barbaria being the most obvious joke of course, given their performance against small bands of rag tag, Kat-chewing militias in Yemen that ended up with the militias occupying Shia-parts of S.A threatening to destabilize the entire country. The Saudi Barbarians are now begging for an excuse to exit that mess.

      The Turkish backstabbing cowards are what they always have been. Well, backstabbing cowards. Like the Zionazi´s in occupied Palestine they are quite good at killing civilian Kurds for sports and lob grenades across the border to help their mercenaries knowing there wont be any retaliation, but runs like hell and screams for NATO "protection" if there indeed is. Not to mention the national Turkish pant-shitting that would occur if Russia gets just the tiniest excuse to retaliate for the ambush of that bomber. Just imagine that foul odour.

    • ariavd
      The russians keep strict to the moral codex of the world , and will bebcome the peace keepers of the world. ,..
    • avatar
      as Kennedy said, that this war is about pipelines. To be precise: gas pipelines. One shall transport gas from Qatar to Turkey through Syria.
      But there is also a second pipeline needed: to transport gas from the newly discovered Leviathan gas field in Israel. This gas also needs to be transported to where the demand is: to Europe via Turkey. And Lebanon and Syria need to be crossed.
      At the end it's all about money: why not allow those pipelines to be built and Syria and Russia get transit fees. Assad could stay in power, ISIS can go away and the 3rd World War is postponed, the war in Syria is over and with all of that the refugee crisis is solved. People can return to rebuild their country with the help of abundand money from the gas transit.
    • avatar
      Why aren't the Houtis and Kurdish given heavy weapons to Inflict collateral damage on the financial centres of these 2 evil countries. Don't let them have an easy ride killing defenseless humans.
    • support
      My thoughts are that the Oogah-Boogah tribe of Weirdogun and the House of Sod together with Hizbollah shall make a push to bag both Cyprus and the Noble Energy offshore natural gas fields together as self-declared proxies for the Palestinians...and to make lots of money which they now desperately need. They may even partner with Daesh for this "undertaking" (double entendre intended).

      Either way things turn out, they win. If the Oogah-Boogahs lose the war, there is still no surer way of doubling a nation's per capita income than to kill off half of its citizens. It works ever time.
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