13:54 GMT08 March 2021
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    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)

    The Syrian army and allied popular units seized back a strategic mountain and a number of oilfields from Daesh terrorists in the country’s central Homs province, Iran’s Fars news agency reported.

    After securing the entire mountaintop of Jabal Jazal and the surrounding oil fields, the government troops, acting in close coordination with the National Defense Forces, advanced south towards the city of Palmyra, seizing a part of the valley from Daesh militants, Fars News wrote.

    In South of Palmyra, the Syrian armed forces advanced to Wadi Al-Dhakara, seizing a part of the valley after a violent battle with the Daesh terrorists entrenched around its hilltops.

    Earlier this week, the Syrian army and its popular allies inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in Homs province regaining full control over a part of oil-rich regions in the eastern part of the province.

    Also on Wednesday, Daesh strongholds in the south came under a series of airstrikes on the terrorists’ concentration centers that left many militants dead and wounded and destroyed much of their military hardware.

    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)


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