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    In this photo taken from the Turkish side of the border between Turkey and Syria, in Akcakale, southeastern Turkey, a Turkish soldier on an armoured personnel carrier watches as in the background a flag of the Kurdish People's Protection Units, or YPG, is raised over the city of Tal Abyad, Syria, Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    Turkish Shelling of Syrian Territory Confirmed by Several Sources

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    Middle East
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    Details of Tal Abyad shelling from Turkish territory has been confirmed through several channels, including the Syrian democratic forces, according to Russian Defense Ministry.

    Russia has received information of an assault on the northern Syrian town of Tal Abyad from Turkish territory, the head of the ceasefire monitoring center at the Russian Hmeymim airbase in Latakia said Sunday.

    "The Russian center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria received late on February 27 information about the attack from Turkey on the Syrian city of Tal Abyad," Lt. Gen. Sergei Kuralenko told reporters. 

    Russia’s ceasefire monitoring center has asked its US counterpart in Amman, Jordan, to explain the shelling:

    "The Russian center appealed to the US reconciliation center in Amman for explanations about the shelling of Syrian territory from the Turkish side, a member of the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition."

    Kuralenko said the assault was carried out by armed units backed by heavy artillery.

    "The information was later checked and confirmed through several channels, including the Syrian Democratic Forces [inter-ethnic and religious militia alliance]," he specified.

    SDF spokesman Talal Salou told RIA Novosti earlier on Sunday that Kurdish militias have repelled Daesh from Tal Abyad, a town straddling the Syrian-Turkish border.


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    • Lubos Vokoun
      US should leash their erDOGan
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      As we already know Turkey officially rejected peace plan and it will do all to disrupt it in order to officially pursue own political agenda but in reality Turkey no matter what cannot act on its own as USA would be able to sanction it quite easily. Turkey is aware that without USA and NATO support there would be very hard time ahead if they would provoke Russia.

      Whoever is acknowledged with international political relations will know that in international politics we have two levels of understanding of international events. One is for public consumption and diplomatic joggling, and other is real and is hidden deep in a background and is similar to playing chess. Playing chess is a game of deception and misleading where each of players tries to outsmart other by hiding and disguising real plans through apparently naïve and transparent moves. Real intent will become clear only after few moves have been made.

      Absolutely the same is going on in politics as there is very clear who will lose and who will win the game. Chess player who has greater knowledge of game, intellectual abilities, analytical abilities, better vision and greater motivation is usually clear winner. However there is always possibility that on the paper better player will underestimate and undervalue opponents abilities and will arrogantly consider himself invincible and indispensable just because for a longer period of time did not have anyone who would match him. Once they start to play against a player whom they considered rotten and start to play in adequate manner will need long, too long time to realise that they are on the loosing side and that other player is well beyond their intellectual abilities and cannot be defeated.

      Absolutely same happened to USA and NATO, they simply believed that they are Grand Masters in the international political and military arena and that there is no player who could be able to offer minimal resistance to their actions. Amongst all Russia was considered potentially dangerous but only on a long run and that is why they did not consider necessary to deal with it before. Russian leadership on other hand understood very well the political and military situation and played well a game of submission and modesty. This apparent submissiveness lured USA into daydream of their indispensability and exceptionalism. That lure lasted for too long and not just western public but politicians and military experts simply accepted it as reality and dismissed every leaked Russian technological advancement. They believed that they simply cannot be wrong.

      However there were coming some alarming signals that Russia is growing fangs and claws and is growing muscles as well but they were quickly dismissed and just in case to teach that poor Slavic primitive nation a lesion they created Ukraine events and by doing that they justified their illegal sanctions against Russia, all in hope that Russia will have own colour revolution and that they will without any effort get rid of this annoying fly called Putin.

      We know that these measures of getting rid of Putin and destroying Russia passed nearly 2.5 years and Putin and Russia stubbornly resisted and still existed despite Obama's several official proclamations that Russia is nearly bankrupt and is matter of seconds before it disintegrates altogether. Once Russia get involved in elimination of ISIL in Syria on official Syrian government request, the western world realised that Russia is actually winning this chess game, and not only that as it become very clear that Russia is winning whole tournament, not just one game.

      This is important to understand and to apply in a life game called Geo-Political strategy. That will tell us that USA are not so good player as it is very clear despite all their deceiving moves that they still believe to be able to beat Russia. In this attempts they involved third parties which will officially act independently against reached agreement as USA lost to many reputation and respect around the world by creating terrorist groups, and by permanent breach of international law all in belief that they can get away with it as they are just ordinary and intellectually very impaired bully.

      As on this playground called Earth is a “New” kid in block who is smart, intelligent, fearless, and ready not just to stand up for own rights but for the other bullied as well, offering them clean and honest help. USA cannot neither stand nor tolerate that anyone is on their turf messing with their authority and terrorising everyone everywhere. However as every bully, USA as well are not near so dangerous and powerful as they love to present themselves. Reality is much worst and they need help of their vassals to do their dirty job to fight with Russia in hope that this unfortunate idiot will get major beating and USA would asses the situation and if they would believe that Russia is weaker or has been weakened than they would order to their NATO dogs to go in attack.

      That is how I perceive Turkish role in this breaches of peace agreement. Turkey is USA proxy and they have to do as told. By provoking Kurds and SAA, Turks might give excuse to USA to declare peace process failed and start plan “B” which is partition of Syria. However as usually this are their daydreams as Russia is much smarter than USA is giving them credit for, and sees what is not just on a table but what is off the table as well and will simply outsmart USA and its allays once again,

      Once I heard one old man in China told me that if you give stick to a madman one of two things can happen, either madman will break the stick or he will gauge out his eye with it. USA is behaving as a madman and is difficult to predict what they are going to do next. One thing is sure, it wont be intelligent and even less good for the world.
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