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    Iraqi soldier shows Daesh chemical weapons in Anbar province

    EXCLUSIVE: Daesh Used Corrosive Chemicals Against Iraqi Civilians (VIDEO)

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    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)

    Sputnik has been granted rare access to a warehouse, where Daesh stored chemical weapons used in terrorist attacks against Iraqi civilians and security forces in the province of Anbar.

    The footage shot on location shows an officer of the local self-defense forces talking about the compound known as Vinyltrichlorosilane, which is identified by the United Nations as a hazardous substance (UN ID: 1305).

    Vinyltrichlorosilane is corrosive to skin, eyes and respiratory system. It could cause tissue damage, produce skin burns and result in blindness. Overexposure to the chemical may result in serious illness or death.

    Iraqi soldier shows Daesh chemical weapons in Anbar province
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    Iraqi soldier shows Daesh chemical weapons in Anbar province

    ​"Daesh fighters place this chemical in mines and missiles to attack civilians and security forces. It could cause asphyxiation if inhaled," the officer detailed.

    Local self-defense forces discovered the warehouse in an industrial area of western Ramadi. The capital of the Anbar province spent more than six months under the militant control. 

    ​"The chemical has been kept in these bags [as well as canisters], but I cannot open them because I don't have a mask and gloves. Film the contents of the canister… Be careful, the chemical has acrid odor. This is what Daesh is using to attack civilians and security forces," the officer of the 5th regiment of the self-defense forces in Anbar narrated.

    The video shows that some of the canisters, discovered in the warehouse, are empty, while forty containers remain sealed.  

    Iraqi security forces have already transported some of the chemical weapons to a safe area, a source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Sputnik. The source added that the soldiers had to remove explosive devices along the road to the warehouse. 

    Iraqi soldier shows Daesh chemical weapons in Anbar province
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    Iraqi soldier shows Daesh chemical weapons in Anbar province

    The surrounding area has been cordoned off and no one is allowed inside the warehouse.

    Daesh used Vinyltrichlorosilane against Peshmerga and Yazidi fighters on the outskirts of Sinjar on February 11. Twenty-three people experienced shortness of breath and suffered burns. The injured were taken to hospital in the city of Dohuk, the capital of the Dohuk Governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan.

    Iraqi soldier shows Daesh chemical weapons in Anbar province
    © Sputnik/
    Iraqi soldier shows Daesh chemical weapons in Anbar province
    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)


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      Bet they used it in Syria. then blamed ASSAD. DIRTY Israeli , RABBI'S still claim ASSAD used gas baths to kill own people. Is time the world know who REALLY did this. DAESH had no way to grab this things,. So now to trace origins. U.K? France? And the ENTIRE planet should sanction them.
    • Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
      "But they fight for democracy unlike their dictator" brainless sheep in western countries. Russia and Syria are doing the job to eradicate those things from their places.
    • altair451
      Interesting. This guy is in a room where chemical weapons were supposedly made but he has no protective clothing on not even rubber gloves. The chemical supposedly destroys human flesh but he touches the mixed without any concern. Reminds me of the journalists that were walking around in a bombed out factory that the US claimed Saddam Hussein made chemical weapons. Again with no protective clothing. It was later revealed that it was a factory for baby formula. Something that the US obviously knew to begin with and that is why the journalists were not required to wear any protective clothing when they visited.





      It is my opinion that there will be an October Surprise for the US 2016 presidential election in November. A very serious dirty bomb or chemical attack will take place and be blamed on Daesh. Dick Cheney has already stated that the next 9/11 will be much worst and an attack of this nature is exactly what the satanic cult that rules the US needs to get the ignorant masses to vote for some psychotic person that will go around bombing and invading more countries. These Satan worshiping blood thirsty savages will not tolerate being made to look bad in countries like Syrian where things are not going as they planned.

      That is the reason why there are so many of these stories in the news recently; to prepare the minds of the ignorant masses to believe the propaganda.
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