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    Foreign journalists at the Hmeymim airbase in Syria

    Hobbit's Observatory: Russian Military Questions British Military Sources

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    Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov asked where Britain's military gets its information on Syria bombings, comparing its current statements to British fantasy novels.

    Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov accused UK defense minister Michael Fallon of colluding with one-man London operation "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" (SOHR).

    Konashenkov noted that Fallon's recent statements, accusing Russia of bombing shops and mosques on UK's Channel 4 went unfairly ignored amid Britain's other diplomatic offensives. SOHR's own statements he attributed to abilities to write fantasy fiction seen in "Alice in Wonderland and the saga of the misadventures of the Hobbit with the ring and even Harry Potter were born on the shores of Foggy Albion"

    "But when the Queen's Minister of Defense begins telling 'observatories' unsubstantiated gems with a straight face, it is difficult to get rid of the suspicion of someone's plagiarism," Konashenkov said.

    Adding to the confusion over the reliability of statements, Britain's military on Wednesday admitted that the Russian jets it intercepted were never in UK airspace.

    Konashenkov joked that the connection of the British Defense Ministry's intelligence with dubious groups remains unclear.

    "Really, it's not clear: does the British Defense Ministry always so plausibly write 'reports' of alleged shelling of Syrian 'mosques' and 'food shops' for the 'Observatory'? Or is the Observatory itself the author and the only source of information about Russian operations in Syria for the British Defense Ministry?" Konashenkov said

    "As long as it is unknown, Michael Fallon's premiere among London's other 'fighters' for peace and humanism from behind the backs of 'Jabhat al-Nusra' and 'ISIL,' should be considered failed," he added.


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